Wingnuts Outraged UK Prime Minister Did Not Kick Obama in the Manjigglies at State Dinner


What ho old chaps! Noted collection of experts in protocol Human Events Online have typed up alist of their complaints regarding Messr. Obama's State Dinner and they would like it seen to at once! Chiefly, British Prime Minister and state dinner guest of honor David Cameron said suspiciously kind things about -- and indeed, positively "fawned over" -- Barack Obama, a known colonial subject of the British Empire, upon which the sun never sets! And also Winston Churchill, because that never gets old. Hmmm, what else? The "president" took David Cameron, the prime minister in question, to a basketball game rather than spending that time working on the economy and just sending his "guest" off to hang out in a Foggy Bottom Starbucks while he finishes up a few things, you don't mind right, it's just for a while. Also Cameron told a Nixon joke, which simply will not stand! And then had the nerve to "namecheck" some random people of color such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, which is clearly reverse racism and a terrible slap in the face to America's legion Oppressed Whites.

What other horrible things came out of this supposed "mouth" of the "prime minister"?

Cameron starts off well enough, sharing some funny remarks about his basketball evening out with Obama, and talks about how the President “tried to confuse me by talking about bracketology.” This probably sounded great to the big-bucks Obama donors in the crowd, although the rest of America is getting sick and tired of Obama’s “Sun King” disdain for the duties of his office, showing himself a good time and raising funds instead of addressing the economic disaster his policies have created.


There’s some fine talk about the “great history of close relationships between U.S. Presidents and British Prime Ministers,” one of which was Winston Churchill, who Cameron mocks as a dreadful house guest. Does Cameron recall that one of Obama’s first acts, upon arriving in the White House, was ripping out the bust of Churchill and shipping it back to the Brits? I’ll bet he does. I’ll bet the deep-pocketed Obama donors in the crowd remember, too.

Then the hard-core Obama infomercial gets under way, as Cameron praises Barack the Slayer, under whose leadership “America got bin Laden” and “fundamentally weakened al Qaeda.” Cameron declares, with unintentional hilarity for anyone who knows how Obama’s statements invariably come with expiration dates, “The President says what he will do and he sticks to it.”

BURN HIM! Video of "the Sun King" and David Cameron's shameful "toasts" below.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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