Wings For Atonement And Beer To Wash It Down

Today through Saturday, September 26: You eat out at participating DC restaurants, and children all over the world, even those in the shittiest countries, will stop eating each other. [Great American Dine-Out]

  • Today through Saturday, September 26: Eating Turkish food brings happiness, joy and  uncontrollable diarrhea  It says so in the fine print.  [Turkish Restaurant Week]
  • Saturday, September 26: Celebrate white flight and lower taxes at Clarendon Day! People of all races and tax brackets are welcome to attend the festivities. [Clarendon Day]
  • Saturday, September 26: It's not even October, yet somehow it's already prime Oktoberfest season. Best bets this weekend include the Barracks Row Oktoberfest, which boasts beer gardens, the Redskins cheerleaders, and strudel, and the Cap City Bartoberfest, Lindy Promotions requisite excuse to get you drunk and take your money. [Barracks Row Oktoberfest, Bartoberfest]
  • Sunday, September 27: All our Jews out there take note, we've got the perfect pre-atonement meal for you: ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS for just 20 bucks. Consumed items may or may not be kosher, but that's what atoning is for. [Buffalo Battle]
  • New Food: The owners of Breadline may have been cited months ago for their messy restaurant, but this did not deter them from opening a restaurant dedicated to unsanitary food.  G Street Food, a restaurant that serves the best in street food, opens tomorrow. [G Street Food]

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