Sticking around DC to see if health care reform passes/Lieberman makes it out alive? Well, if you're one of the eight people not leaving town for the holidays, don't despair. Even though basically no one will be here, there are fun things to do in Washington during December, we swear!

Things to do in the DC so you don't go crazy while everyone else is gone for the holidays:

  • Cozy up by the fire: There's no better place to watch the final minutes of the health care debate on CSPAN than by the fire at Tabbard Inn. Bistrot Lepic in Georgetown and Circle Bistro in Foggy Bottom are two other great spots where you can enjoy a meal by the fire. [Tabbard Inn, Bistrot Lepic, Circle Bistro]
  • The National Christmas Tree/The National Menorah: Standing tall outside the White House, both the Menorah and the Christmas Tree are awesome displays of the holidays, winter and all things merry. Check them out before it's too late -- Fake Christmas ends TOMORROW. [The National Christmas Tree/The National Menorah]
  • Sculpture Garden Ice Skating Rink: Nothing says "winter fun" like falling on your ass while ice skating. The rink is open until mid-March and is an inexpensive way to do something moderately enjoyable while outside in the freezing cold. [Sculpture Garden Ice Skating Rink]
  • Caroling: Tonight, December 17, the Ritz-Carlton is hosting a caroling extravaganza complete with free hot cocoa and gourmet candy canes. And in the spirit of the holiday, it's free! If you can't make it to the Ritz tonight, every night in December from 5:30PM-7:30PM at the Willard InterContinental, a choral ensemble performs "spirited" renditions of holiday classics. [Ritz-Carlton, Willard InterContinental]
  • ZooLights: It's the regular zoo, but it's covered with lights, environmentally friendly lights no less. But that's not all your $8 admission ticket gets you. A representative from Pepco will be there to tell you how you can make your home more energy efficient! [ZooLights]
  • Go to places that are normally packed: The best thing about the fact that everyone leaves DC is that you can a table at super crowded restaurants like ChurchKey and Pizzeria Paradiso. That, and, the Smithsonians probably won't be too crowded either. [ChurchKey, Pizzeria Paradiso, Smithsonian]
  • Giving: It's the holidays after all, and if you're in DC with nothing to do, there's always the option of helping out a local shelter. The Washington Post has a map of charities in the area where you can volunteer or drop off goods.  [Washington Post]

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