Wisconsin GOP Dude Jason Wisneski, We Loathe You More Today Than Yesterday

Wisconsin GOP Dude Jason Wisneski, We Loathe You More Today Than Yesterday

Yesterday we told you all about one of Wisconsin's finest specimens, Brown County Board Supervisor candidate Jason Wisneski. Let's recap! He's a smooth-talking convicted-of-animal-mistreatment kinda guy who was very very not happy when the press found out about the whole mistreat-y thing, so he decided to attack Democrat Dave Hansen -- not his opponent, mind you -- who had endured a terrible tragedy when he accidentally killed his granddaughter backing out of his driveway. Wisneski decided it was cool to call that person a murderer. We did not think that was very nice! And now, we've done a little more journalisming and found out that he's even less likable than we thought, if that was somehow possible.

First, there's his cool new notpology over the whole calling a person a murderer thing, but even in fauxpology, Jason remains an utter shitheel, mostly because of how he is super sure that his pleading guilty to animal abuse is a tragedy that no news organziation should get to bring up because we are not sure why because, actually.

From Wisneski's really really good looking blog. Haha it is terrible looking.

Please accept my apology for the comments made regarding your tragic incident. It was not my intent to suggest anything other than what I felt was media bias by the press gazette picking and choosing which painful tragedies they would report on. If it were up to me NO TRAGEDIES like that would ever be brought up.

Dude, you were the person that brought up Hansen's tragedy, and you were the person that compared your conviction for animal mistreatment to Hansen's actual factual tragedy AND you were the person that called Hansen a murderer. It's all you, guy.

His pretend apology really does get so much better, and by better we mean way whinier.

My only other request besides asking you to accept my apology is for you and the Brown County Democrat party to please denounce the death threats and awful things people have been directing at my wife and I. I would appreciate it greatly. We all make mistakes and I have owned up to mine and learned from it. Making a mistake however does not justify the type of behavior that some of your supporters are displaying.

Problem of your own making, big guy.

Also problem of your own making, Wisneski: you're the one who pleaded guilty to the animal mistreatment in the first place. No one made you do it. You said you were guilty. Guilty Guilty Guilty. But now you wish you had not done that, so you are trying to get your supporters to harangue the local paper about it.

From Wisneski's veterinarian, in a letter that the local press declined to publish, probably because it was dumb.

I have been acquainted with Mr. Wisneski since December of 2009, when I became the primary veterinarian providing care for his pets. As you can see by the date, I cannot speak to the case from 2008 mentioned in the Press Gazette article, but can certainly attest to Mr. Wisneski's care and treatment of his pets since late 2009.

Urm. If the best support you can muster is "I met the guy after his conviction, but he's been totes cool since then," you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Speaking of barrel-scraping, we would be remiss if we didn't point you towards Wisneski's awesome band, which might sound even worse than that Sarah Palin teevee show theme song band. Let's check out Taken Flight's sweet-ass jam, "Hot Hot Hotty."

We may have trouble blogging the rest of the day as we try to staunch the flow of our ear bleeding. Also our eye bleeding from that sexxxxy band promo photo above. Even worse than the song OR the picture is the self-written band bio.

Taken Flight's brand of music combines punk inspired guitars with elements of modern electro, catchy power pop hooks, and 90's alt rock nostalgia.They have the uncanny ability to make songs that would make the likes of both Cheap Trick & Hello Goodbye proud. The band's honest lyrics give the songs a true to life feel that is straight from the heart & easy to connect to for the listener. [...]

Founding members Jason Wisneski & Brandon Bjorkman are now a 2 piece band and have recently recorded 3 new demo versions of songs on their upcoming EP titled "Dance". "5 minute rockstar", "Hot Hot Hotty" and "Among the stars" were written & recorded exclusively by Wisneski & Bjorkman. You would think that performing live would consist of backing musicans, as is the casewith other 2 pieces like 3 oh 3! & Breathe Carolina, but that is not the case with Taken Flight. Taken Flight's live show features Wisneski & Bjorkman playing all of the instruments they possibly can at one time with the rest of their compositions playing in synch with them on a sampling pad.

An "obamaphone" to any Wisconsin commenter that is intrepid enough to go see this band play and report back.

We can't make as many jokes about Wisneski's all-speeding, all the time, problem, because who among us does not have a fistful of tickets to our name?

We will note, however, that dude, if you're running for office, maybe don't drive with a revoked license, because that is just not a good look.

Quit while you're behind, Wisneski.

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