Wisconsin GOP Lady Pol Proves Drunk Driving Not Just For Male GOPers


Who says the GOP guys' team gets to have all theDUI arrest fun these days? That is sexist of them. It's not like Republican women aren't also "pro-family values" sometimes, too! See, here we go: Amber Hahn is was a Wisconsin county GOP chair who went on Fox News not long ago to pose as a "random concerned parent" full of Panic and Outrage over the dangerous "pro-union propaganda" teaching of labor union history in public schools. Then Hahn drove her car around drunk until it crashed while her three children were also riding in the car. That's a little bit terrifying and hypocritical, you might say! Eh, here is the thing about a "family values" politician, tho: danger to children only exists if it is utterly fictional. Real Danger does not count.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

The chairwoman of the Republican Party of Columbia County resigned Friday after a drunken crash with her three children in her car.

Amber Hahn, 35, of rural Poynette, said she crashed her car Thursday night while driving drunk, but that no one was hurt and that no other vehicles were involved. The Columbia County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene from the OnStar alert in her car, she said.

Columbia County District Attorney Jane Kohlwey said the incident took place about 9 p.m. on Old B and Raddatz roads in the town of Springvale. Kohlwey, a Republican, said she asked a special prosecutor from Dane County to handle the case.

She resigned? We assumed this meant she was running for Congress. [Wisconsin State Journal]


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