Wisconsin Primary: Some Quick First Impressions

object in mirror The big news of the night is, of course, Kerry beginning his victory speech about a minute after Edwards launched into what might be "one of the great speeches of his life." Very presidential. "Bigfooting" say pundits. "Something Gore would do." (Ack!)

And the speech Kerry gave? As exciting as it was lucid. He won't outsource jobs, he "will outsource George Bush's unaffordable tax cut to the wealthiest Americans." Huh? Chinese laborers will pay our taxes? A stable of colonial auditors? Uh, yeah. And, of course, the compelling denouement: "GO. . . TO. . . JOHN. . . KERRY. . . DOT. . . COM."

Edwards: Still grinning, we're sure. Will this stunning surge break the dread "electability" meme that's propped up the lifeless corpse that is John Kerry? Let's hope. Also the best line of the night: "The voters of Wisconsin sent a clear message -- Objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear."

Did Dean bow out? We're not sure because his speech was so schizo: "I want to thank the painters for sticking with us right through the end. . . ." He's out! "But we will not stop." Huh. Guess not. "A year ago, Democrats were falling all over themselves to vote for the war in Iraq. . . they don't talk like that anymore." That sounds like a graceful exit! "We are not done." Oh. Let us know when he's done.

And Chris Matthews puts it all in perspective: "ALL PANTS ARE FROM CHINA NOW!"

Democratic presidential candidate Senator John Edwards [Reuters/Yahoo]


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