Wisconsin Wingnut-Justice Ahead After 14,000 Votes Magically Appear


The Koch is strong in this one

  • Good morning, unemployed hobos. Here is your news: 14,000 votes just sort of "turned up" (just like they always do, when you need them the most) yesterday in Wisconsin, giving Koch-backed David Prosser a 7,000 vote lead over bolshie People's candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg. (Kloppenburg said that she won the Supreme Court race on Wednesday, but she is mistaken.) Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus -- a Republican activist and former president of "Republican Women of Waukesha County" -- discovered the tabulation error, after she "inadvertently failed to properly import and save data into a Microsoft Access database." If you think this sounds like possible vote tabulation fraud, think again! (Or save yourself the trouble and don't think anything ever again!) Because Kathy Nickolaus is a diligent public servant who "keeps election results on her personal PC in her office, and only on her personal PC." Sounds pretty legit. Anyway, hope you communists had fun "winning" for a day (isn't that Barrack Obama's new motto?). Hooray, more of the Invisible Hand Koch at work! [TPM/BradBlog]
  • Dead baby dolphins are still washing up on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, but "scientists do not know why." Really? Here's a guess: The ocean is full of poison? [CNN]

  • The gradual repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is going "better than expected," according to important Army Men who apparently "expected" something horrific to happen -- like all the soldiers and sailors just cold throwin' away their guns and ammo and then having the most fabulous dance party, with sour apple flirtinis, etc. [LAT]

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