With Friends Like These...


You hear the one about the senator and the career-killing remark?

Boy, George Allen must have eaten John McCain's lunch out of the Senate refrigerator or something. Or maybe McCain is just an ass. Yeah, that's probably it. McCain cracked wise at an Allen rally in Norfolk yesterday:

First, Sen. George Allen, R-Va., wound up a few dozen veterans with a "we win, they lose, there's no substitute victory" strategy for Iraq, then McCain followed with a joke about a monkey flying an airplane....

Allen [has] heard enough monkey jokes lately. Especially since a report was unearthed that he used "macaca" in reference to S.R. Sidarth, a worker of Indian descendent for the campaign of Allen's Democratic opponent, Jim Webb.

Macaca is a genus of monkey.

That's the Straight Talk Express for you! Hey, at least he didn't tell the joke about the Indian, the shithead, and Travis Bickle walking into a bar.

McCain Tries To Rally Veterans For Allen [Norfolk Daily Press via Brendan Nyhan]


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