Witness to a Coronation: Not Fare

Wonkette operatives keep kept their eyes on inauguration. Send your personal accounts or inauguration frustrations to . In this issue, the headaches linger.

"At around 1pm last Thursday the Capitol South Metro station was packed with tourists, Hill staffers and apparently members of Congress. Rep. Flake (R-Arizona), his wife and son were in line to get through the ticketing gate when Mrs. Flake's ticket was rejected because the ticket only had a 90 cent credit. While all other patrons of the Metro would have had to get out of line to add fare to their ticket, Mrs. Flake pulled a 'Do you know who I am?' move by pointing and loudly declaring that her husband was a member of Congress. Metro staff followed by allowing the entire Flake family in for free. Is this fair (or should I say 'fare')?"

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"The Kentucky State Society put on the biggest mess of an event that I have ever experienced in my life. For some unknown reason they had no place cards for people so volunteers were forced to look up people's names on some bizarre list that was not alphabetized or in any kind of order that I could tell. People had to stand in line for 30 minutes to get seated and missed half the meal. But what made it all worth it was the fact that Senator Bunning gave some crazy ass speech in which he proceeded to name, indvidually mind you, all of the reporters who wrote bad op-ed pieces about him during the campaign that he almost lost. Oh, and most of them were sitting right there. It was more than a little awkward to say the least."

"Subway, 9th St. between F and E, parade had just passed by. Red state dad instructing red state adolescents: "See those protesters over there? They hate America. They hate capitalism. They want you to . . . eat beets."

No word on whether they also force vodka on us."


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