WMATA Stalker Alert

stalker.JPGHere at Wonkette HQ, it has come to our attention that Hill Staffers are frenziedly emailing one another with dire warnings of a man who's allegedly been stalking women at Metro Center. Today, one such victim snapped a picture of the person in question, shown left.

Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to let you know that this man has been following me every now and then for about a year now, and to warn you that he might target you too. I usually see him at Metro Center during rush hours, where he follows me to my orange line transfer downstairs, but I've also seen him loitering at Metro Center even at 8:30 pm. He comes up from behind and talks in a low voice, usually stuff like "where do you work?", "that's a nice jacket," "are you Korean?," "konnichiwa," "long time no see," or something other that is soft, sibilant, and incomprehensible. It's creepy. I've reported this to the metro police, but they said that I needed a better description.

This morning, I happened to have my camera so I took a photo of him after I loudly told him to stop following and talking to me. I'm not sure if this is enough for him to stop, or if in fact I've inspired him to do something worse.

In any case, this is his photo, he's about 5'7", usually holding a newspaper and a nylon bag. Watch out for him, because from his comments, he appears to have a thing for Asian-ish women who catch the metro alone.

Let's be clear: this item comes garnished with MAJOR HELPINGS OF CAVEAT SAUCE. Everything is alleged. Most Hill-ites are terrified of anyone being remotely friendly. And having "a thing for Asian-ish women" basically describes every straight white male that ever lived in the known history of the universe.

Nevertheless, the story is noteworthy because it provides the first ever recorded instance of a Hill staffer not wanting to be the center of everyone's attention. Though, this is tempered somewhat by the way the writer assumes that that the man is now presumably inspired to greater things by dint of having interacted with her. That's pretty typical. Anyway, you've been warned.


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