Wolf Blitzer, Matchmaker

KE04 spokesdude Chad Clanton, unclear on the concept: You fuck with the Bush-Cheney people, with, you don't fuck. . . oh, nevermind. It's so cute when girls pretend to have opinions!

WOLF BLITZER: [The race] could be a tie.

CHAD CLANTON, KERRY-EDWARDS CAMPAIGN: It will be a tight race. But I will say this I am so confident in John Kerry, I am so proud of him, and you know, we'll put it to a test here. I'm willing to bet Jennifer Millerwise, right here on your program, dinner that John Kerry will be the next president. And this is a real test to see how confident we are in our two candidates ability here. What do you say?

BLITZER: But he's not saying the restaurant, Jennifer.

JENNIFER MILLERWISE, BUSH-CHENEY CAMPAIGN: As much as Chad may want to go to dinner with me...

BLITZER: He may be anxious to have a dinner with you.

MILLERWISE: I think that may be what it is.

Michael J. Fox Addresses Stem Cell Issue With John Kerry; Dead Heat Between Bush and Kerry; Afghan Elections, October 4, 2004 [CNN]


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