Wolf Hitler Apologizes To Barack Hussein Osama

WTF? - WonketteThe Obama/Osama presidential race war continues with an actual on-air apology from Wolf Hitler Blitzer to Senator Barack Hussein Obama. Why so sorry? Because some graphics person at CNN "accidentally" typed "Where's Obama?" over a picture of some scary terror-fascist Mahometans. This was on last night's "Situation Room," which somebody apparently watched.

Senator Osama issued a statement on Al Jazeera saying it's no big deal, surely just an innocent mistake, etc., and that he would punish the infidel who committed this sin against Islam.

Free campaign advice: Drop the middle name, drop the last name. Just go with BARACK, like Madonna or Prince or Beck. If this "rock star" crap is going to persist for the next 23 months, might as well go all the way.

CNN apologizes to Barack Obama [Crooks & Liars]

Obama thanks blogs for response to CNN Osama-Obama snafu; Senator sees no malicious intent [Raw Story]

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