Wolfowitz Bids Farewell, Promises To Screw Up Something Else Soon

Buh-bye, good luck getting some socks! - WonketteToday, the world mourns as the proud leader of its bank, Paul Wolfowitz, forever leaves the institution he single-handedly reformed and revived.

Wolfowitz, beloved architect of America's Eternal Victory in Iraq, tells the Financial Times that for his next disastrous job, he's got a number of disadvantaged countries in his sights. If you live in any of these places, you might want to consider moving soon:

* Indonesia will be his rebound from Shaha Ali Riza: "Twenty years ago I was American ambassador to Indonesia and I have to freely acknowledge, because it is pretty much an open secret, that I fell in love with that country."

* Turkey: Wolfie "wouldn't mind working on some countries like ... Turkey that I've had a long association with."

* Pretty much all of Africa: Wolfowitz says he wants to "explore some ways to help advance development in Africa, both through the private sector and through foundation work."

But the only way Paul can get a foreign-policy appointment is through the White House, which can't even call for a pizza these days without Congress blocking the order. So for now, Wolfowitz will just fuck off at the American Enterprise Institute, where he'll send press-release spam about the benefits of letting old people starve or whatever.

Wolfowitz aims to stay in politics [Financial Times]


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