Wolfowitz Corrupt, Incompetent, In No Danger of Losing His Job

Everyone at the World Bank hates "Shoeless Paul" Wolfowitz. They didn't like him from the beginning (you start one little unjustified war and endless bloody occupation based on specious intelligence...) and once he took over he didn't win any new friends by giving his girlfriend a huge, illegal raise.

According to the Post today, a World Bank internal message board is full of anonymous, bitchy complaints about Wolfie. China hates him too, and we learned that through unauthorized leaks to Fox News. And since the rest of the Western World hates the corrupt bastard, they're less likely to donate the money the World Bank needs to loan to developing nations.

In other words, his brief tenure at the Bank has been a resounding, embarrassing failure. So expect him to stick around for another couple years!

None of the World Bank's executive directors, who make up a 24-member board that governs the bank's operations along with Wolfowitz, have publicly withdrawn support.

Clearly Don Imus needs to get himself a Presidential appointment.

For Wolfowitz, Slings and Arrows [WP]


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