Wolfowitz Meltdown to Provide Another Week of Entertainment

LOOK HOW SAD HE IS! - WonketteThe Alberto Gonzales scandal is getting more play, but we can't understand why -- five million deleted emails are charmingly Nixonian, but Paul Wolfowitz gave his mistress a raise!

Only the Times ran Shoeless Paul on the front page today, and they report that the World Bank's oversight committee (made up of a whole bunch of foreign finance ministers and heads of other aid organizations) released a statement yesterday basically begging Paul to resign before their official report on how he's an unethical scumbag with no institutional support drops later this week.

Paul didn't quite get the hint, holding a press conference at which he seemed determined to hold on till the bitter end.

"I think he has just wanted to tough it out," said a bank official who watched him. "He's clearly hoping that once everyone leaves town, he can go on and that all this will fade away. That has not happened and it is not going to happen."

If this continues spiraling out of control (and we see no reason why it shouldn't), it could put an end to the informal policy of allowing the US to choose the World Bank's head. So when some commie French assholes install Kim Jong-Il as head of the bank next year, you know who to blame. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Public Rebuke for Wolfowitx, but He Digs In [NYT]


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