Wolf Blitzer stopped reminding people they were watching "The Situation Room" long enough to be a journalist for a little bit today: Having booked Judith Miller's lawyer, Bob Bennett, to talk about Miller, he went on to ask Bob about his brother, Bill, and all those aborted black babies we've been hearing so much about:

BLITZER: Have you discussed this issue with him?
It's a yes or no question, not even something a J-school professor would give a passing grade to, but Bennett reacted to it as though he were Angelina Jolie dealing with an out-of-line Access Hollywood reporter:
BENNETT: I’m rather disappointed in you for not telling me you would ask me about that. This was about Judy Miller "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and I think that’s a courtesy you could have extended to me.
Surprisingly, Blitzer responds like one:
BLITZER: Well, the reason I ask is because I know you and your brother co-star love each other and you’re good brothers co-stars and it was only obvious to me, I assumed that you know I would ask a newsworthy question. . . Well, you’re a good lawyer actress and a good brother co-star and a good friend. Thanks very much for joining us.
Next on "The Situation Room": The President's post-Katrina spending plan has movie-goers wet with anticipation!

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