Women Today Are Choosing Pets Over Kids And Now We Know Why! Tabs, Fri., July 1, 2022

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Women Today Are Choosing Pets Over Kids And Now We Know Why! Tabs, Fri., July 1, 2022

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Welcome to a holiday weekend, friends. We'll be here today with you and Robyn will half-post over the weekend (and Jamie will special-guest Sunday's livechat) and then fuck all y'all on Monday. Oh, we're already fucked? Well how about that. Let's read some tabs!

Boy, this does seem bad, all those vague constitutions allowing judges to decide what is fair or free:

Issue: Whether a state’s judicial branch may nullify the regulations governing the “Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives ... prescribed ... by the Legislature thereof,” and replace them with regulations of the state courts’ own devising, based on vague state constitutional provisions purportedly vesting the state judiciary with power to prescribe whatever rules it deems appropriate to ensure a “fair” or “free” election.


The Supreme Court denied cert for some alleged health care workers who refused to get vaccinated and sued New York. Clarence Thomas and the usual cohort of wackjobs dissented because the vaccine is made up of Hillary Clinton's aborted QAnon mole babies. (Dissent)

Via AOC, a tracker for where every senator stands on reforming the goddamn filibuster — right now we don't even make them stand up and actually filibuster anything, it's just an automatic 60 vote threshold— so we can begin to try to save ourselves from the unrelenting fascism. Call. your. senators.(PBS)

"Three other former CIA officers who knew or worked with Johnson used terms like 'loon, moron, bozo and dickhead' to describe" the man who pushed Italian space lasers right up Ginni Thomas's cocaine hole. He was fired from the CIA. :( (Spytalk)

Flight cancellations due to non-staffing is a solvable problem, Secretary Pete. Let's show the American people we will solve it. And make it hurt. (Bernie statement)

This woman seems rad and I'm sorry she seems unable to stand up to the lunatics eviscerating Boise State, guess not everyone's cut out for constant rape and death threats! — Pro Publica

Hey, want a couple nices? California's budget is real and it's spectacular. (Politico)

Val Demings is on a mission. Let's fucking help! — Vanity Fair

The what now?

In the late summer of 1326, a small mercenary army gathered in Dordrecht, Holland, preparing to cross the North Sea and invade England. This in and of itself wasn’t all that unusual — from the Romans to the Vikings to the Normans, it seems like all of the European historical heavyweights wanted a piece of that green and pleasant land. I mean, I get it! It’s a classic case of those itchy Julius Caesar fingers: A man sees an island, and he wants to take it. What set this case apart was that the person leading the army wasn’t a king or a prince or a red-headed upstart duke, but a woman who was already the queen of England — had been queen, in fact, for nearly two decades. And the king she wanted to depose wasn’t some usurper who had unjustly taken the throne, but rather Edward II, her husband and the father of her four children. As she stepped onto that boat, the 31-year-old queen would set into motion a sequence of events that would leave her forever remembered as Isabella the She-Wolf of France.

I will read you, Queens of Infamy: Isabella of France. I will read you right now.

What does Kareem Abdul-Jabbar want us to watch on TV? Let's find out at his substack, where he tells us what he wants us to watch on TV! (Also, he wants you to not vote for Herschel Walker for US Senate in Georgia, and he wants the Supreme Court to not do the shit it is continuing to do.)

I will make the hell out of these sesame soy chicken stuffed zucchini boats, thank you soy sauce company!

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