Wonk'd: A Little Shorter Than Usual Edition

Sightings of obscure TV news dreamboats, war criminals, and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Totenberg, Russert, Donvan, Rumsfeld, Gephardt, Clancy, Zinni.

(5/21) saw nina totenberg in terminal A of national airport getting yogurt from the crappy coffee place. she would be completely unrecognizable sans sensible navy blue suit and hair helmet, should she ever want to go incognito. apparently she wants to bask in her famous-for-dc self for an audience of airtran riders. (5/26) Saw David Gergen in front of the Willard hotel. A big week for pasty nerd sightings.

I saw Tim Russert about 3 p.m. on 5/30 at the downtown Bethesda Barnes and Noble, where he stood at a counter signing copies of his "Big Russ" book. (It was not a signing event, he was just signing stacks of them) Nobody was paying attention to him, although he was somewhat hard to miss in a peach polo shirt, (he looks much better in navy blue). I immediately approached, telling him I was "obsessed" with him (bad choice of words) and asking that he pose for a picture, to which he agreed, only after saying, "why don't you buy a copy of the book?" I didn't.

Yesterday (6/2) 7pm: ABC News dreamboat John "Who Took The Second O In My Surname?" Donvan, walking and happily chatting with an age-appropriate woman on Connecticut Avenue and M.

I saw Donald Rumsfeld taking a stroll at the corner of 19th and M yesterday evening (6/1).  He had one bored looking security type following him.  He is much shorter than I thought he would be and seemed to be enjoying the weather which was cooler and less humidity-full than normal. 

Dick Gephardt, Chrissy, and others dining at DC Coast on 6/2/04.

Where was America's top espionage writer (Tom Clancy) when the world learned George Tenet resigned? Having lunch at Olives with his latest co-writer Anthony Zinni.


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