alito.jpgWashington people just never quit working. Bill Kristol rises early to have breakfast with congressmen, Michael Chertoff spends Friday nights securing the homeland's movie theaters, and Valerie Plame reads political non-fiction on street corners cause she can't get enough. And kindly father Alito (at right -- ain't he loveable?) spends his weekends carting his daughter's luggage all over 37th street. This plus philandering soccer players, jaywalking TV gangsters, and mustachioed wrestlers, after the jump!

Fall is here, Congress is in session, and the social calendars are getting filled, so no more excuses. Hit up the parties, down the cocktails and blow up our inbox with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and the name of the insufferably boring small talker you met who happens to be in charge of something you heard is important. Send the tips while you're still drunk, it makes them funnier - thanks!

  • Spotted Bill Kristol walking into the Mayflower restaurant for breakfast with Majority Whip Roy Blunt on 8/25/06. Blunt's hair, typically, showed no sign of the humidity, but everything about Kristoll did.

  • Saw ex-Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta looking very self-important in front of Oceanaire last night [08/24]. He was garbed in the typical Bush administration uniform: blue suit, lapel pin.

  • My cab to Reagan Airport [8/25] pulled up behind a stretch limo, and who emerges but Hulk Hogan. He was in the full Hulkster getup - brightly colored muscle shirt, matching bandana and sunglasses, etc. Apparently he doesn't do the incognito thing. I have to admit it was pretty funny seeing Hulk check his luggage and go through airport security like everyone else. Lots of people came up and asked for autographs, and he obliged them all.

  • Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, still smarting from her recent bruising by Stephen Colbert, was buying groceries at Yes Organic Market on Penn SE Friday [8/25] evening. Apparently salmon is her comfort food of choice. But she still can't vote in congress.

  • Tonight [8/25] at around 7 pm, we saw Michael Chertoff angrily stalking down Woodmont Ave, just outside of the Bethesda Row Cinema, with his shirt-sleeves rolled up, ready for business. Our table agreed that he was probably personally hitting the streets to root out all them illegal immigrants who live in downtown Bethesda.

  • Justice Samuel Alito was at Georgetown this weekend [8/25-26] for the orientation his daughter, Laura, who lives in my dorm. I ran into him a couple of times. The first time, I quite literally ran into him as he was going to get a free sandwich after the Convocation ceremony. It was funny, I was wearing a black judge-like robe and he had on a polo shirt, and when we tried not to run into each other, I tried to go to his left and he tried to go to my right. The second time he was with his daughter and his wife. He was pulling his daughter's wheeled suitcase up a flight of stairs outside [her Georgetown dorm]. He graciously allowed me to snap a photo of him with my phone. I may not agree with his judicial philosophy, but he was sure a class act, considering I was bothering him as he struggled with the suitcase. Also, though her daughter was going off to college, I will report, Mrs. Alito surprisingly did not cry.

  • Saw Valerie Plame today around 12:30 standing at the corner of 14th & I St. She was holding a copy of James Risen's "State of War" and seemed to be waiting expectantly for someone to join her. That Joe Wilson really did score himself a hottie.

  • Spotted [8/31] Robert Iler [AJ Soprano] and family/friends hop out of a limo at a not-a-stopping-point on Connecticut Ave. in front of the Burberry store. They then dodged traffic across the street and went downstairs to the Improv.

  • James Carville was on the 3:30 Delta flight from Atlanta to DC on Labor Day. He must've had a great weekend because he was grinning from ear to ear, maybe he was thinking about the Democrat's prospects in November. Dressed in a maroon long-sleeve pullover (perfect for DC but probably warm for Atlanta), jeans and white sneakers. He was very polite with everyone. No sign of Mary Matalin.

  • Saw the compact, irrational fireball who is my congresswoman (much to my dismay) Jean Schmidt at the local Starbucks here in Loveland Ohio [8/30]. She was wearing her signature pony tail with the giant bow (circa. 1984 Olympic gymnast) and meeting with some man in polyester pants. Then low and behold, I walk out to my car and she has parked her shiny new red Tahoe, you know the one that runs on E85, complete with a "Schmidt for Congress" bumper sticker right next to me. I checked for a booster seat but saw none.

  • Saw soccer player Landon Donovan at the Dupont Circle metro [8/25], with NOT his girlfriend. But she was better looking than his old lady actually.

  • I saw NBC White House dude David Gregory at the Portland airport on Labor Day. He is tall. With a ladyfriend. We all were getting coffee at Portland's own Coffee People. It's nice to see that a man with such bad acne scars can have a career in front of the camera. While he should try to be nicer to Tony Snow, I do have to say that cross-country flights can be brutal. Maybe he was still recovering.

  • I saw (former Baltimore Sun and current Economist magazine) editorial cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher at the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore this past Sunday. The Walters is in the final days of an exhibition covering his work, and I was pleasantly surprised to find him there autographing (or whatever it is when you draw a little caricature of yourself on the frontispiece of your book,) copies for patrons. We spent a few minutes chatting, with him explaining why he draws himself with bulgy eyeballs (Because before he makes fun of others, he has to make fun of himself).

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