This is Eleanor Clift. Isn't that terribly exiting?In another August "where'd everybody go" edition of Wonk'd we found Bill and Chelsea Clinton shopping for "MV" stickers and James Carville and Mary Matalin trying not to get stuck in DC. At right, Eleanor Clift looks lost too. If you're caught here and can't escape, take a cue from Joe Lieberman and enjoy yourself with a nice long lunch somewhere nice. Because, just like Joe, come November you might just miss this place after all.

Today's Wonk'd is two weeks worth of sightings that we saved up and couple we had ourselves. We know you can do better. Please suppress thoughts like "Oh, Wonkette won't care about him, he's not even in office anymore." Trust us, we want to hear about it. Just send over a little email with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and the name of the person who wouldn't make a sightings column in any other city. For scraping the bottom of the barrel, we thank you.

  • Spotted Bill and Chelsea Clinton today [8/19] at the "agricultural fair" in Chilmark on Martha's Vineyard. The president was walking around with 4 secret service men and Chelsea near with her boyfriend Mark. She did a couple of tilt-a-whirl type rides, sitting on one with Roger Clinton, and then he did the thing where you pound a hammer to hit a bell. Meter didn't go very high for him, maybe he needs more gym time. I've never seen Chelsea before but she looked quite good in tight jeans, not a Teri Hatcher body exactly, but thinner than I've seen her in photos. The president moved through the crowd signing autographs and posing for anyone who asked and soon left Chelsea behind, with no Secret Service attention and no one even recognizing her within 2 minutes after her father had moved away.

  • I saw James Carville and Mary Matalin at Reagan on Friday (8/18) around noon with their two daughters, presumably going on vacation but not sure where. Mary looks SO much better now that she has grown her hair out. It looks like James is trying to do the same (unless he just didn't shave that day), but there's not much left.

  • Today [8/17] I saw James Carville walking speedily near 20th and F St. towards Washington Circle with messenger bag in tow.

  • Last night (8/23) while having drinks at Bobby Vans on 15th Street, we saw The Rock enjoying a steak dinner with his entourage. After they finished eating we extended an invitation to the group to join us for a round of drinks, on us, and we were denied. Snubbed by The Rock!

  • Joe Lieberman was at Charlie Palmer's at 1:30 today [8/23]. I shook his hand, but am still debating with myself if that was appropriate. We were at the bar when he was leaving from the back room, he had on a suit and tie and was leaving with a man and a woman I didn't recognize. He shook everyone's hand and didn't say much else.

  • Spotted John Podesta jogging by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing this morning [8/23] at about 8:15. There was already a huge line of tourists, but none of them recognized him. I've seen him jogging in that area once before, but this time he seemed to be less winded and tired, guess the exercise is paying off.

  • George F. Will was sitting in the 4th row first base side at the Nats-Mets game on Friday, Aug. 11. He appeared to be doing work, poking around in a manila folder full of newspaper clippings with blue highlighting. Who clips articles from newspapers? I guess the same guy who wears that awful toupee.

  • Was sitting in the Beautiful weather [8/13], drinking half price bottles of wine at Rosemary's Thyme and saw Eleanor Clift. She was not wearing a stitch of makeup, but had on easy fit black denim jeans (aka: mom jeans) and looked completely lost while gabbing on her cell phone, trying to determine if she was going the right way.

  • I had the pleasure of sharing the late night Acela Express from Penn Station NYC to D.C. this evening [8/15] with a one Rev. Jesse Jackson. Ok, I didn't actually get to talk with him, but he did politely nod in my direction as he and a Penn Station security officer boarded the train, sans entourage.

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