Sightings of George Stephanopoulos, national security experts-slash-novelists, and fake newsmen are sent in by readers. Send yours to . Remember: The bar is low. In this issue: Clinton, Stephanopoulos, Feinstein, Stein, Friedman, Russert, Clarke, Lott, Holmes Norton, Colbert and our favorite submission in recent months, which we will now quote in full: "I saw Hugh Downs pulling onto the GW Parkway in McLean last weekend. He was making a left. Yeah, I know how to party." Also, an amusing Adrian Fenty story at the bottom, sort of worth it.

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This is a little late but I saw Bill Clinton in Prague on November 11th. We were walking from the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square, he was walking in the opposite direction and we crossed paths. It's a pretty narrow road and it's off-season, but he still attracts a crowd. Cameras were flashing, people laughing and he was posing with tourists. He (and the men in black) broke from the small crowd, walking in front of me. I guess he just wanted to walk around beautiful Prague, doing the tourist thing.

George Stephanopoulos and his wife Ali Wentworth came in to hip new Logan Circle eatery Viridian in the 1515 14th Street arts building on Monday, Nov. 28, for a late dinner (around 9). Shortly thereafter, developer Georgio Furioso, who’s an investor in the restaurant and whose company refurbished the old auto sales building that now houses it, came in and joined them at their table, getting up at various points to flit around the restaurant. Lots of other restaurant staffers came by to meet the Stephanopouli, and when they left Wentworth gave Furioso a big hug. I got the sense they were friends.

On 11/29/05 a friend and I were dining at the "Famous" M on the Bund in Shanghai (Whore of the Orient) , China. Drinking cocktails and looking out over the city's futuristic skyline, I noticed the woman sitting next to me looked like a young-ish Diane Feinstien and told her as much. She smiled and introduced herself as the fabled Senator, much to my embarassment. She was gracious and polite. I mumbled and tried to blame it all on the opium.

A couple weeks back, I walked into Brooks Brothers to spend some birthday money. While perusing the sweaters, I heard a deep nasally voice saying, "bye bye, thank you, bye bye" to the cashier. I looked up to see Ben Stein waddling toward the door with handler in tow. He does rock the blazer and Vans in real life. Saw him again a few minutes later on Connecticut Ave. talking to a 20-something hipster girl who had stopped to get his autograph. While walking by, I caught Stein saying, "So your name's Wendy? Alright, Wendy, we'll get together." Sitting in DuPont Circle a few minutes after that, I saw Stein, his handler and the hipster girl all walking down the street together.

Two weeks ago, I shared a cab with Rosa DeLauro (third district Representative from Connecticut) on a rainy night. Turns out I live down the street from her. I almost mentioned that we could have caught the bus had we been five minutes earlier. Fortunately, I remembered before opening my mouth that she probably doesn't catch the bus. Other recent sightings: Tom Friedman buying sushi at Tenleytown Whole Foods; Tim Russert at the Greek Festival at St. Sophia's Cathedral; and George Stephanopolous near Farragut North metro.

Richard Clarke on the USAIR concourse at National[I cannot say Reagan] Airport on Monday last,looking quite satisfied with himself.

Saw Senator Trent Lott around 5 P.M. [12/4] loitering outside the Macy's at Pentagon City Mall. His hair looked more malleable than usual (and more gray), and he was dressed in what I would consider a Senator's casual uniform--gray slacks and a blue blazer.

Eleanor Holmes Norton on the 10am US Airways Shuttle to LaGuardia this morning [12/6]...

Stephen Colbert ...coming out of Union Station Saturday afternoon with his blond wife and three little (and adorable) kids. He was definitely in "Dad" mode -- one of the kids held up a toy or something for him to look at and Colbert said, "Whoa, that's big!"

 Adrian Fenty at homoriffic party: I was at a party at the fancy condos at 1300 N St NW on Saturday night. It was your pretty typical shindig with about 50-75 homos of all stripes (and their assorted straight female hangers-on). I was near the door and in came this guy who I thought might be Adrian Fenty, but upon noticing an Adrian Fenty sticker on his coat I decided that nobody is that lame enough to wear their own sticker this far in advance of an election. But I was wrong, as it was Fenty and he was also wearing a "Hello, my name is Adrian" sticker on his other lapel. He didn't have anything to drink and didn't take his coat off. Just sort of worked the room for about 45 minutes. The hosts work in Sen Rep. Levin's office, Human Rights Campaign, and Service Member's Legal Defense and I believe they requested a check to one or the other of the latter two, but it certainly wasn't a fundraiser per se. By the way, he's much shorter and thinner in person than I would have expected. UPDATE: The party raised money, yes, but for "Food and Friends’ Holiday Giving Tree to make sure low-income individuals living with HIV/AIDS in DC also receive a holiday meal." Excellent.


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