Wonk'd: And What About Justice O'Connor?

Thanks to all of you who responded to our request for D.C. celebrity sightings. You sent us some fantastic items, which we'll be using shortly. Keep 'em coming!

sandra day o'connor.jpgFor now, we'd like to share one special sighting for you. It concerns Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, whose retirement from the Supreme Court became official yesterday, with the confirmation of Justice Samuel Alito. At last night's State of the Union address, President Bush thanked Justice O'Connor "for 24 years of faithful service to our nation."

As this self-described "simple cowgirl" rides off into the sunset, inquiring minds want to know: Where is she headed? And what is she riding?

Justice O'Connor is returning to her home state of Arizona, where she will teach law at the University of Arizona (and also spend more time with husband, John Jay O'Connor). And as for what she'll be riding, check out this report from a Wonkette correspondent:

About three weeks ago, I was at the Mobil station on Connecticut Ave. near Chevy Chase Circle. I was backing my car up to the pump and I thought to myself, "Hey, that's weird. That woman gassing up her Buick looks a lot like Sandra Day O'Connor. Holy shit, that is Sandra Day O'Connor!" There's something surreal about seeing an icon of the American judicial system squeegee her windshield.

We couldn't have put it better ourselves. A woman who was the Supreme Court's crucial swing vote for many years, routinely named one of the world's mostpowerfulwomen, pumps her own gas -- into a Buick, which she drives herself.

Supreme Court Justices: They're just like us. They're addicted to oil!

Retired Justice O'Connor to Teach Law [AP]

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