Wonk'd: Barbara Bush's "Full-Frontal Body Rub"

barbara bush 2.jpg(No, not that Barbara Bush. Eeewww! Magda's boobs in There's Something About Mary grossed us out too.)

After we complained about not getting enough celebrity sightings, you guys delivered for us big-time. So thanks! We'll post some of these items today, and a few more later in the week.

After the jump: sightings of the Bush twins and Chelsea Clinton (although not together, sadly enough). Actually, multiple sightings of the Bush girls -- who gave our tipsters either nasty looks or "full-frontal body rub."

Yeah, we thought that would pique your interest. Details available here.

First daughters (and former first daughters) have been out and about lately. Isn't it about time for Barb to get a job or something?

* Saw Chelsea at Nobu 57 last Friday night.

* I was draggged to Smith Point against my will last night, but the trip ended up being worth it due to an unexpected Jenna Bush sighting. She held court in the back of the main room with two hot girls, one blonde, one dark hair (not Barb), and two guys (not dad and Dick). They drank (beers and red bull and vodkas) and smoked and danced -- Murder on The Dancefloor was a favorite. Amazing how many people went to practically kiss the girl on the hand.

* So, I was at Smith Point on Friday, trying to hit on a hot glasses-wearing girl, and trying to figure out why her friend was giving me such shitty looks. Turns out the bitchy looking friend was the First Daughter... the real one, sadly not the Katie Holmes version. Ended up striking out with the friend, and the rapidly approaching SS guys (nice casualwear, guys) made it impossible to attempt to throw any more game. Went home with some staffer instead.

* Just got home from Vegas Lounge on P Street -- both Bush twins were there. Turns out that Barbara seems to be more of the booze-hound, and Jenna the calm one. Though neither were sober (not that I am either). Jenna had a BAD outfit on, even for DC. Barbara though -- all the guys at the bar were trying to get a piece. I got a full-frontal body rub from Barbara when we were passing each other in the crowded bar. I feel like I've touched Satan now, it's weird. I've always imagined seeing them but I can't believe I actually did.

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