Wonk'd: Bush Fears Me Edition

Sightings of political figures and other persons of interest, even if they're losers, are sent in by readers. Send yours to .

· I was walking my dog in Georgetown this Saturday evening (2/7/2004) at about 7:30pm-8:00pm and we walked down Wisconsin Ave to K and turned left, past the new Loews theater. Walking towards us, going to the movies with his wife and two other couples was Sen. Lieberman! He looked relaxed and didn't seem to have any security guys around.

·Andrew Sullivan dining at CF Folks on 19th Wednesday (and, well, often -- presumably before those Results the Gym workouts in his dungarees). He was at the counter, 12:30 or so, eating bean soup, reading the Post editorial page, and loudly proclaiming to proprietor/cashier Art Carlson that he was soon off to LA to tape Bill Maher's show. Seemed disgusted that the other panelists on the show were Carol Moseley Braun and Rob Schneider. [Ed. note -- probably because he's less famous than they are.] He kept looking around the place nervously -- I was wondering if he was nervous about being recognized or nervous about not being recognized.


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