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Most of this week's items involve celebrities and eating -- either dining out at restaurants or shopping for food. After the jump, this week's crop, including Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, looking hot; Cokie Roberts, shooting our correspondent a dirty look; Sen. Jeff Sessions, slumming it; and George Lucas, talking trash about Dick Cheney.

* I accidentally almost killed Cokie Roberts yesterday [Tues. 2/14], coming out of the Dean and Deluca on M Street. I pushed open the center door rather forcefully so I could scurry back to work, and she had just walked in front of the door and had to jump out of the door's way. She gave me a dirty look, followed immediately by my apology and a fearful look that she had been "recognized." Obviously, she was, but she was coming out of D&D, not the Pleasure Palace. By the way, she looked petite, conservatively dressed, and didn't appear to have bought any groceries. How I wish I had her self-control in that place...

* Saw Laura Bush at the zoo on Tuesday [2/14] -- and, even better still, Butterstick!!! [Ed. note: Here is a photo.]

* George Lucas was on the Hill today [Tues. 2/14] - during the final question [in Q&A] he insinuated that Cheney is like the Emperor from star wars - because he runs the empire from behind, in secret. he also commented that now he was afraid of getting hit by birdshot.

* Today [Mon. 2/13] at about 1 p.m. in Union Station's food court, I witnessed what must surely be the saddest fallout yet from the Abramoff scandal: a member of the World's Greatest Deliberative Body being forced to eat lunch at Johnny Rockets ("Rocket's"? "Rockets'"? I guess I really don't care; the AP Stylebook gives me no guidance here; the point is, it wasn't La Colline, Bistro Bis or Charlie Palmer). I was meeting a friend for a quick bite when I spied the diminutive Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Munchkinland) dining with a group of no lipped whiteboys that looked to include his press guy and other staffers and/or lobbyists. They certainly all looked like Republicans, that's for sure.

* Shortly after I recognized [Sen. Sessions], the group stood (although it was hard to tell that the Senator was standing up) and left, creating room for a sudden wave of junior-high-aged kids all brandishing what appeared to be some sort of voucher that must be spendable at Johnny Rockets. We paid our check and beat a hasty retreat, leaving a wait staff who looked more terrified than the Post's DeNeen Brown after a minor snowstorm. But it was fun to note that approximately half these 13-year-olds (mostly girls, of course) were taller than the Senator from Alabama.

* Maureen Dowd was at indeblue for dinner on Wed. night [2/15].

* Passed Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN on 16th St., near Lafayette Park, a couple days ago. He walked down the street and into the St. Regis.

* Friday night [2/10] I saw Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe, and their two kids at Kinkeads. She's gorgeous and shorter than I expected, he's hot and even hotter than I expected, the two kids are pretty cute and better behaved than I expected for Hollywood offspring but my rare tuna steak was not as good as I expected (can't win them all). The waitstaff was completely falling all over themselves to catch a look at them. I was too pissed to have paid $30 for bad tuna to look too much, but Ryan sure is a DILF. Reese is very lucky.

* Saw Lisa Ling today [Fri. 2/10] at the Whole Foods in Dupont picking up lunch to feed her tiny frame, which looked even tinier in her huge faux-fur lined denim jacket. I'm assuming its faux-fur, I mean would she wear real fur? Maybe Star Jones, but not Lisa!

* I saw the original Wonkette (Ana Marie Cox) yesterday [Sun. 2/12] while walking my dog. Walked by Ana and her husband outside of Aroma Co. They looked confused as to why it was closed. Mr. (Original) Wonkette smiled at my dog, while Ana wore her red hair tucked up into a knit beret while typing on her Treo.

Speaking of Original Wonkette: Don't miss her appearance this coming Wednesday at the National Press Club! For details on how to obtain your free tickets, click here.


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