Picture044.jpgThis week's Wonk'd features at least three sightings that we actually believe happened! Plus one joke + invasive picture of some dude on the metro and one almost-plausible Mark Foley sighting. Slim pickins, but hardly anyone's been in town for two weeks. We expect things to pick up come January, but until then, enjoy John McCain, Katherine Harris, Megyn Kendall, and a "Jack Abramoff", after the jump.

If you can make out the face of a famous-for-DC type through the haze of your last cigarette-filled DC nights out, make a note of where ya are and who it was, then send it in to us with the subject line "Wonk'd" or "sighting." Then watch this space on Fridays to see if yours made the cut! Trust us, it probably will!

* OMG! Jack Abramoff not in jail at all, instead passed out on the Metro with a duffle bag that I am sure is full of cash and cocaine! Pictures attached. Also that same night [12/20] saw the LNS Snoopy hat guy. Well, i assume it was him, looked like the same slightly dirty hat. He was with some bleached blond bimbo so I assume there was a Wednesday night takedown later in the evening. She did have a half dozen pink roses so at least she got something out of the evening besides an STD/bastard. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the hat.

* Out of DC, but it's the holidays...John McCain at Bistro 24 at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix, talking with two advisor-types about "religious zealots" (couldn't pick up much more than that) while eating an entire half-pound cheeseburger and fries. How american!

* Not that you care about Kitty anymore since she is bye bye, but I did spot her waiting at the luggage carousal at DCA tonight [12/23]. I assume the elderly couple she was with were her parents? Are they helping her come pack up the brownstone and drive the Uhaul back home to FL? CHRISTMAS in DC?! Poor Kitty...it has come to the bottom of the barrel huh....

* I saw Fox News personality Megyn Kendall at the Pentagon City Nordstrom on Tuesday night [12/26]. She was wandering around men's furnishings talking on her cellphone. She's very attractive (not just hot for D.C.), but she definitely looks older in person than on t.v. She also has a smoker's voice that's kind of sexy on t.v., but not so much in person.

* Was having a yogurt at Pinkberry (a trendy yougurt shop here in West Hollywood) solo earlier tonight [12/28]...reading a NY Times, etc...when all of the sudden I look up and am shocked to who but none other than former Rep Mark Foley, accompanied by a rather young chap ordering a yogurt. The two were gabbing away like to two love kittens (though one young and one muuuch older). My sighting was confirmed when the the cashier asked for the Congressman's name for his order to which he softy replied "Mark."


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