Wonk'd: Cloven Hooves Clatter on E Street

Sightings of douche bags of liberty, sons of mill workers and George Stephanopoulos are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue, everyone goes to Austin Grill. And jogs. Also: Edwards, Stephanopoulos (x2), Podesta, Novak, Warner.

On Thursday, September 29, I was biking along the Capital Crescent Trail after work. I was about five miles along in my ride, heading away from Georgetown, when I passed former Senator and current pretty boy John Edwards. We were heading in opposite directions, so I got a good look at him as I passed. He was very tan and his hair looked perfect. He was wearing a plain grey t-shirt, orange running shorts, sneakers and some strange multi-colored socks. Oddest of all, he was running completely alone. Given that less than a year ago he was a candidate for Vice President and had secret service officers follow him everywhere, it was strange to see him just sort of blend in with everyone else on the trail. Also, he was running very slowly - plodding, even. Guess he is a regular guy after all - other than the fact that he looks 30 and has a better tan than almost anyone in this city

10/2 spotted George stephanopoulos, or as me and my hilarious and original friends refer to him as--George Snuffalufagus--preparing for a workout at the Georgetown Washington Sports Club.  I had just watched "War Room" last night and remarked, "I just watched War Room last night so I was thinking of you".  He said, "Yup, it's an oldie but a goodie" and we both smiled and agreed.  He then hit the stair master.  I left with further confirmation of my own intrusiveness. 

It's my second sighting of George.  He was extremely polite and smiley both times.(the other time he was getting a burrito with his daughter at the austin grill)

Saw John Podesta jogging by the Jefferson Memorial yesterday (10/4) about 8am. He had a very Nicole Richieish type of normal sized head on ultra-skinny neck and body. Also had a kind of perplexed "where am I" look on his face. I sorta expected more from someone who used to run the country while BC was off...doing what BC used to, I mean still, does...

Yesterday, 10/9, I passed the Family Stephanopoulos (Stephanopouli?) as they were strolling along Q Street near 29th. They were all smiles and looked great. I looked like crap.

This past Sunday (10/16) at the Austin Grill on E Street, I held open the front door for a leaving Mr. and Mrs. Bob Novak. He muttered a "thank you" as he passed. As my wife and I went in, we noticed that the TV at the bar had FOX News doing a Valerie Plame story. How meta! My question was...what in the world was big bad Bob doing at Austin Grill at 11:00 in the morning on a talk-show Sunday?!?

If you're still taking sightings of famous for DC types, we were at the Austin Grill in Old Town Alexandria last night [Oct. 16] when Governor Mark Warner and family (wife and three daughters) came in for dinner. I don't think the wait staff recognized him, since their service seemed to be just as slow as ours. They did manage to bring him a margarita or two. As we left the restaurant we saw their driver pull up to the front door to pick them up in a huge SUV. Nice to see the Gov dining with the regular folk.


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