Wonk'd: Come With Me Mockingbird, If You Want To Live

No half-assed Christmas puns today, just straight Wonk'd, with Steny Hoyer showing off his pimping skills, Ed Rendell proving he's a sports fan, Fred Barnes shopping like he could afford not to, and Robert Duvall, who you see here as the same tragic hero you remember. All this, plus the most metrosexual Redskins player, on a team full of them.

So you made it this far. Once you've finished that fifth Christmastini, or whenever you're done congratulating yourself, just take a look around the bar, and tell us who you see (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line). We'll be forever grateful, and you'll be able to return their haughty glance with a knowing one of your own.

* Saw former congressman Bill Archer , his wife Sharon, and Robert Duvall at a Christmas party at the Georgetown Club, Monday the 18th. Crowd was a mix of congressional chiefs of staff, NGO program people, and random conservationists. Wine only, no open bar. Hors d'oeuvres were entirely disappointing. Duvall looked more like Boo Radley than like Bull Meechum.

* Saw Fred Barnes at Shoppers Food Warehouse at Potomac Yard, 9PM 12/18. He was on a high-speed small-basket run and gave me that Famous Person Glance that says "Yeah, yeah, I'm Fred Barnes, now get out of my way."

* Dec. 19 at the bar in Martin's Tavern in Georgetown I noticed some lady talking to one of the fantastic bartenders there. When he asked her what she needed, she swiftly said, "I'm with the Majority Leader." I expected Boehner to walk in any minute, but to my amusement, Majority Leader elect Steny Hoyer trotted on in. In any event, he dined with the owner, ate corned beef and cabbage, and seemed to have an all around nice time, as did his entourage of two other ladies.

* Last night [12/15] I saw Mark Brunell [Second string Redskins quarterback. -ed] and his entourage at Tysons II around 8:45pm. They were on their way to Neiman Marcus. From up close it really looks like old stink knees wears make up. It's the kind of make up they put on those curmudgeony bastards like Zell Miller and Lou Dobbs before they go on camera. I explained to my girlfriend that I thought Mark Brunell's girlfriend was hotter than her.

* At a University of Pennsylvania basketball game tonight [12/21], PA Governor Ed Rendell went beserk when the ref. refused to call a foul on a Upenn player who was, in Rendell's view, fouled. A friend of mine who was sitting in the same row as Rendell said that the governor screamed loudly "you should have called that foul but you don't have the guts, you dont have any guts."




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