Wonk'd: Do You Know Who I Am Edition

Sightings of political figures, media tyes, and pampered pundits are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: The Georges, Madeline Albright, Arianna Huffington, Joe Lieberman, Mark Halperin, Katie Levinson, and Jim Jordan.

I saw George Will at the Georgetown Blue Mercury buying $26 hand cream a few months ago. The saleswoman tried to get him to give her his address for the mailing list for upcoming promotions, but he declined, with evident embarrassment. [George Will, metrosexual! Who knew? Wonkette has heard Will's diminutive debating partner, George Stephanopoulos, also frequents Blue Mercury, for facials and manicures. Not as surprising. - Ed.]

Saw Mrs. [Madeline] Albright driving her silver Mercedes on the Inner Loop of the Beltway on Mar. 6.  Passed her car, realized it was her, so we slowed down - went behind her car and got off on the exit.  She's an incredibly attentive driver for not noticing two homos in a Honda driving all around her car trying to get a better look.   

Arianna Huffington, walking south on Connecticut in front of La Tomate, surrounded by four or five young men in suits hanging on her every word.

Spotted former presidential hopeful Senator Joe Lieberman on his way home from synagogue on Saturday afternoon. He was walking up Wisconsin at Q street with Hadassah on one arm. They both wore black, though one of my companions thought that she was carrying a surprisingly unflattering clutch for such a normally fashionable woman. His Secret Service guard was following the senator extremely closely-- it looked like the hulking agent might accidentaly step on the senator.

Witnessed a meeting of D.C.'s real permanent government last night at the Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park: ABC's Note-tator/political director Mark Halperin, Republican National Committee spokeslady Katie Levinson, and Jim Jordan, the flack for George Soros's 527 group, Americans Coming Together, were sitting a big table with some blonde chicks and some empty chairs. . . Guess they were seated before their party was complete (campaign financing rules aren't the only ones that get bent around here). And they say liberals control the media. The media controls the media!


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