Behold Harriet Miers, far from Dorothy, Rose, and Sofia, yet smirking all the way to the hearing room. She's in today's Wonk'd, along with Mark Foley in the role of the sassy friend with all the best zingers and Barney Frank playing the lovable dummy. Make the jump for these golden girls, plus Rick Santorum as the hateable dummy, Jesse Jackson, Jr. as "the black one," and one very hungry Stephanie Herseth.

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* Coming out of the Union Station metro today [3/19] around 3:15, I saw Harriet Miers. I wouldn't come within 50 miles of the Capital if I were her, what with Leahy's subpoena hanging over her head. She was sporting a trenchcoat, a rollie bag, and a bemused look. [Our canny operative snapped a digital photo, so you can see the spectacle of a SCOTUS also-ran mere steps away from public transit.]

Escalator to heaven

* Earlier this evening [3/21] I was at a local produce stand, here in Florida, where it helps greatly if one is able to habla the EspaƱol. I looked up and right there is our nation's favorite pederast, Mark Foley. While not actually in his former district, we're adjacent to it here. Wearing some nondescript golf cap and lime green polo shirt. I wish I could tell you I caught him fondling the young melons, but he was just paying for his produce. As he left, he looked at me and realized I recognized him. This, oddly, did not make him shrink away or hurry out hiding his face. Instead, as he walked out he started whistling and gave me the sort of look I used to get when I worked at the drag shows. At that point I overheard some 40-ish woman tell her friend, "I know him, I can't even speak to him now. It's so sad." I chuckled because "sad" wasn't the word I was thinking.

* Saw Barney Frank this morning [3/20], struggling to parallel park next to the Washington Plaza Hotel. Note to Congresspeople: you are very easy to spot when your license plate says "US Congress" on it.

* Just [3/21] saw former Senator Rick Santorum walking down 20th Street towards L. He was chewing on what appeared to be a toothpick, but I suppose it could've been the bone of an unborn fetus. No sign of crying daughter of death.

* I was at Matchbox in Chinatown [3/22] around 7:15 meeting some friends for dinner. Standing outside, a BMW pulls up and out steps Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. He reached into his car, grabbed about 7 suits from the dry cleaners and walked into the restaurant. His aide drove off.

* [Same tipster as previous item]: 10 minutes later, I was inside the restaurant waiting for a table, and in walks Rep. Stephanie Herseth. I made eye contact with her, but she seemed to be in a bit of rush, no doubt planning for that wedding of hers this weekend. She walked straight to the back of the restaurant, and 5 minutes later walks back out the front with a box of pizza.


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