Wonk'd Exclusive: Top White House Adviser Enjoys Ruthless Stereotyping of Real Americans by Godless Hollywood Elite, Artificial Butter Flavoring

http://wonkette.com/assets/resources/2006/08/karlrove-thumb.jpegIn case the importance of this amazing picture isn't immediately apparent, here's the story behind it:

I spent a very special night with Karl Rove at "Talladega Nights" Sunday evening at the Georgetown AMC. He was with a young guy, probably a family member.

Apparently his average Joe moviegoer casual wear successfully camouflaged the smell of turd, since nobody seemed to recognize him. I snapped a poor photo with my phone at the concession stand, but you can tell its him by the distinctly evil balding pattern.

Scooter Libby, meanwhile was spotted trying to get a senior discount to a matinée showing of My Super Ex-Girlfriend.


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