This week's Wonk'd hits close to home, as everyone spotted looks spaced out and bitter. Laura Bush's face lets George know that if she's gonna be up early she better have a drink in her hand, and Dennis Kucinich may not need that particular poison, but he's got his own way to relax. Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer party at South East's most deluxe Chinese joint, George Stephanopoulos shows he has almost mastered the art of exchanging money for goods and services, and Andrew Sullivan pays for WiFi from The Man just to avoid being spotted at the free place down the street, and ends up here anyway. These aggravated big-shots and last week's douchiness explained -- if you can begrudge us another click.

Their pain is your gain. So sock it to them by sending your sightings to us (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line). Anonymously talking shit about someone you've never meet feels good, trust us.

* Saw Laura Bush grimacing inside the presidential limo at the corner of 16 & K this morning (Feb. 1) around 8am. The streets were blocked off, and no one was allowed to move. Laura looked out the window as if unhappy to be up so early, or maybe it was because George wouldn't stop for a Starbucks on the corner. No doubt they were off to the prayer breakfast, which would be enough to make any hard-drinkin' first lady grimace, after all.

* Hillary Clinton hosted a reception honoring Chuck Schumer and his new book tonight (Jan. 30) at his favorite hangout, the Hunan Dynasty on Penn. Ave. SE. In addition to Hillary and Chuck were Harry Reid, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Jerry Nadler, Eliot Engel, and an assortment of other members of Congress. Chuck told the crowd that he ate at Hunan Dynasty more than anywhere except his Brooklyn home.

* Saw Andrew Sullivan ( 1/31, about 4 p.m.) ordering a grande almond latte at the Starbucks on Columbia Road and 18th Street NW, then settling down at his MacBookPro for some sweetly nutty blogging.

* I just [1/31] saw David Gregory in the lobby of my office building (1111 19th st). He was taller than I expected, and was with his wife and small child.

* I saw George Stephanopoulos last night (1/29) at the Gallery Place movie theater. I was waiting in line behind him at the concession stand and he had just gotten popcorn. My friend and I were trying to decide what size popcorn to order so I asked him, "is that a small?" He said, "yes," and I said, "wow that is pretty big." Interesting choice of words I know given his height/size, but anyway. He kind of nodded and walked off. It seemed as though the people behind the concession desk did not know who he was as they were calling after him, "Sir, you forgot your change." He was like oh yeah and came back to retrieve his change. Guess popcorn is so expensive these days, George didn't think he'd get change back from his $20. This super-fan in line behind us at that point told him, "I'm your biggest fan." George was gracious and walked away. Not sure what movie he was seeing.

* I saw former Mayor of DC, Anthony Williams trying helplessly to flag down a cab this morning (1/29, 7:30 AM) near the Watergate. He was standing in the median of Virginia Avenue, NW waving his arms up and down. I guess the sun was in his eyes because he attempted to catch a meter maid who was driving behind me. Needless to say neither of us stopped and he continued walking up the median of Virginia away from the Watergate.

* I saw Dennis Kucinich last night (2/1) at the Cosi on Capitol Hill. I was leaving, and he was standing at a table with what looked to be a staffer and they had a laptop open. He looked up and so I said, "hi." He looked at me like a deer in headlights! I mean, he should be happy someone recognized him, and if he's running for President he should probably return someone's friendly hello at Cosi. Maybe he was stoned.

* [In response to saying Anthony Weiner gives us douchechills] I saw Anthony Weiner in a Committee meeting, during discussions about who would put forward a plan on global warming. Weiner made a total fool of himself by squawking in his hardest-core NY accent about telling Pelosi off and "getting up in her grill" about it. "We gotta get up in huh GRILL." Very hip hop, very ghetto, and oh so macho, Anthony - but really douchey lightweight in a House Committee meeting.


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