We've got more than three amigos for you this week because Wonk'd doesn't take snow days, even in a celebrity storm like this one: Vicente Fox doing his Borat impersonation, Bill Cosby not eating at Ben's, Fred Barnes with his head in the ground, and Joe "That's Right Motherfuckers" Lockhart partying with some girls who are way past wild and into ludicrous, also Ludacris.

All our sightings are Word of Mouf, so we need you to email us (with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line) each and every time you see a head of state, or that booty shake.

* Yesterday [2/12] evening circa 7:00 PM, wandering around the Kennedy Center, I saw a mysterious, mustachioed man-of-the-world, incredibly tall and regal, accompanied just by his much shorter wife, enter the building. A photographer with a large camera snapped a photo, so I knew it was someone important. I rode the elevator with him and detected a Mexican accent as he made small talk about what he had eaten (Angus burger, so "I will just have the salad tonight") and where they were staying (Mandarin: "Oh, is verrry nice, yes"). When we exited the elevator I asked one of the badge-wearers who it was and he said "That's President Vicente Fox of Mexico."

* I saw Bill Cosby at Mei Wha Chinese restaurant on Thursday night [2/8]. He was sitting in front of the window and was perfectly happy to take a picture with some folks who wandered by. He's completely charming and personable, no attitude at all.

* Saw Fred Barnes [2/14], crossing K Street at 20th, attempting to look important by checking his voicemail on his blackberry. He nimbly evaded the banks of slush dressed weather-appropriately in khakis and hiking boots. He looked a tad lost, but perhaps he was just searching for the driest path through the sea of brackish sludge like everyone else.

* Saw Joe Lockhart getting drunk at Stetson's last night [2/10], with a bunch of attractive young ladies. This is only notable because one of the young ladies at his table had her ass crack hanging out a good 5 inches (other drunkards were taking pictures). My friend had to go up and tell the poor girl and ruin all the fun.

* Waiting for our table at La Chaumière last night [2/12], saw Sen. Frank Lautenberg come in with another man and a lady. But really, half the men and women in the room looked like (senior) senators. As we left, I asked the maitre d' who the senator was, and he gestured openly at him and said, "Zat is Senator Lootenbèrge!"

* I saw David Gregory at the Obama rally in Chicago on Sunday [2/11]. He was taking copious notes and was friendly when approached. He took photos with people and shook hands, but clearly wanted to focus on his work. Dennis Hopper was also there, along with Sen. Dick Durbin and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

* Friday night [2/9], I was standing in an interminably long Immigration line at the Buenos Aires, Argentina International Airport, trying to get the hell out of the country. Nicholas Burns and his State Department posse calmly jumped the queue to board his flight to DC. I assume he was in B.A. to pay reparations for the Bush twin's rampage through Argentina.


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