Wonk'd: I Promise to Never Wait This Long Again

Sightings of capitalist fat cats, bleeding heart liberals and George Stephanopoulos, and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Grasso, Corzine, Harkin, Jackson, Abercrombie, Dean, Kurtz, Hyde, Armey, Rocca, West, McNamara, Obama, Hughes, Stephanopoulos and more.

You may have gotten a couple of these already, but I was about 5 people behind Dick Grasso (fmr Chairman and CEO of the NY Stock Exchange) in the US Airways security line at National Airport. The line was ENORMOUS, so he spent the waiting time constantly looking around, doing that I-don't-want-to-be-noticed-but-I-really-want-you-to-know-that-I'm-important type of thing. As I getting ready to leave security and go to the gate, I saw that he had been picked for extra screening and was being patted down/wanded. Gotta love airport security - it truly is the great equalizer. [10/4]

Last Wednesday [9/29] at Top of the Hill (aka Politiki), Sens. Jon Corzine & Tom Harkin and Reps. Jesse Jackson Jr & Neil Abercrombie showed up to support former Dem frontrunner Howard Dean. It was a packed house, and apparently everyone except for Dean thought he was still running. As rowdy former Deaniacs yelled out "A.B.B.!", Dean responded, "You know what, it's not A.B.B., it's Kerry-Edwards who are going to be victorious in November!" Conspiciously absent in a room full of former staffers and supporters... Joe Trippi...

Was walking toward the Georgetown movie theatre Saturday (9/25), when I walked past non other than Howard Kurtz, and some unidentified woman. Somehow I stifled the urge to give him a high-five for putting the boots to Dan Rather. Maybe it was his appearance that stopped me. Either Howie's double-duty shifts for WaPo and CNN are taking a toll, or he was just doing his best Shaun of the Dead impersonation. Dude had the shuffling gait, glazed eyes and slack jaw of a zombie...or a middle-aged wage slave.

Hypocrite-in-chief Henry Hyde on a Friday night (9/24) flight from National to Dallas/Fort Worth.  Must have been going to Crawford to help Dubya prepare for the debates. Dick Armey on a Sunday night (9/26) return flight--lit up his cigarette the minute he got outside the terminal.  First class must have been really uncomfortable.

Late Saturday night in Dupont me and a friend were at Kramer’s, because this damn city refuses to have any sort of reliable transit system after 11. Anyway, who do I manage to nearly bump into a crowded Kramer’s on a Saturday night? Mo Rocca! And his shorter, rounder sidekick, lackey? Instantly recognizable by his salt pepper do, wearing those generic black rimmed glasses and a look of jaded superiority and seriousness he was perusing the latest fiction books. At this point, with my utter lack of tact, I smack my friend on the arm and yell “Hey! Its Mo Rocca.” At which point he and aforementioned sidekick moved to the corner farthest from me and friend. It was the non-fiction, history section by the way. Big surprise. Researching for new material? Also gotta say, shorts and high socks on a guy never good and neither is wearing the same red Fred Perry shirt as sidekick wasn’t exactly cool either….

Saw Cornell West walking alone into the Mayflower Hotel on Thursday night, 10:30-ish.  He was wearing his ususal black suit and was carrying a big armload of reports or files or something.

So, I saw Karen Hughes this morning, walking down 17th Street at H towards the White House all by her lonesome. As she maneuvered her wheeled luggage down the crowded sidewalk, past the homeless man ranting to himself, I'm sure she realized how much she misses D.C.

Robert McNamara: On the corner of 17th and Eye, waiting for the light to turn to cross the street. He was wearing a purplish-pink button down with khaki pants. He looks way older that Fog of War suggests. Is he even famous for DC?

Actress and comedienne, Andrea Martin.  You will remember her as Aunt Voula from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."  I saw her crossing E Street at 10th.  My internet research reveals that she was probably heading to Ford's Theater where she is starring in "The Matchmaker," which the theater's website describes as both a "riotous American farce," and a "madcap, hide-and-seek comedy of errors." 

Barack Obama was spotted at BWI Sunday night (around 11:00 p.m.) getting his own luggage from the Southwest Airlines baggage claim. He was just as cute in person as he looks on TV. He was on his cell phone but smiled and nodded at two fans who recognized him and said hi. He's on the campaign trail for Kerry since he's so far ahead in his Senate race.

Requisite Stephanopoulos sighting: Sunday (10/3) at the corner of Wisconsin & R, eyes lingering on my wife's impressive chest. I can understand the attraction, though--they'reboth the same height.

We were having dinner at the Austin Grill in Silver Spring when a trio of black secret service vehicles pulled up to park in the "no parking" area of Ellsworth drive and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (with son) [10/03] emerged to take a back table for dinner. We used this as an excuse to enlighten our 24 year old single mother waitress as to why she needed to get registered to vote.

Mayflower Hotel restaurant, Monday Morning: Helen Thomas, dining alone, explaining how she feels about President Bush to her waitress. WONKETTE EXCLUSIVE: Helen is no fan. Much hate (and I think some oatmeal) spewed.

12:30 pm at Tysons Galleria on Sunday 09/17. The quintessential (and unlikely) bi-partisan power couple: Jimmy Carville and Mary Matalin, along with their brood. Jimmy, who's a RockStar in my book, was dressed un-RockStar-like in too-short khaki jeans and a purple Sugar Bowl sweatshirt. The family spent a bit of time looking at the map of the mall, then headed off  after Jimmy asked a question of the employee at a cellphone kiosk. Saw Jimmy looking impatient 15 minutes later by the Oilily store, flipping his cellphone open and shut. Mary and kids nowhere to be seen.


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