Wonk'd: Inauguration Inflation Editon

I really thought I had done one of these in January. Sightings of George Stephanopoulus, cable screamers, investigative journalists and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: George, Berger, Woodward, Franken, Speedman, Hersh, Becerra, Allard, Bond, Matthews (2x), Wolfowitz, Carville, Stiles, Will, Gonzales, Russert, Dean, Lieberman, Gordan, Roker, Kelly the Apprentice, Kerik (2x), Luntz, Glover, Kerik (2x), Albright.

[12/13] The ever-present George Stephanopoulus, looking his usual tiny adorable self at the Potbelly Sandwichworks on 17th and L, all by his lonesome.  A cute young twentysomething stopped him on his way out and asked for a picture.  He ever-charmingly obliged her, including putting an arm around her shoulder.  He was so nice to her it should keep me from mentioning that she was taller than him.  But it wont.

Sandy Burger spotted in Chevy Chase on christmas day taking in an afternoon screening of "Meet The Fockers" with wife and son alex...

Thursday December 23rd, Lowes G-town Theaters. Spotted a cool and casual-looking Bob Woodward (with whom I presumed to be Mrs. Bob) on their way to catch either "House of Flying Daggers" or "Sideways". Even better, my wife and I later shared the elevator with the Woodwards as we descended into the parking garage. Woodward in a parking garage--heh. We all exchanged pleasantries--he was quite nice.

This will probably bore you to death but I spotted Al Franken Christmas eve.  National Airport waiting for a flight at a bar.  He was watching the Packers / Vikings game.  Apparently Al is a Vikings fan.  Not very well dressed in  jeans and a t-shirt.  I was surprised as how he tried to call attention to himself by being loud and boisterous.  Some guy interupted his enjoyment of the game by asking a bunch of political questions.  Al was very nice to the guy and answered his questions with sincere interest.

Saw Scott Speedman (Ben from Felicity) at The Diner on 12/26 dining around lunchtime with some hipster looking friends. He is still looking just as good as on the show.

Seymour Hersh, crusading journalist and American hero, having lunch 1/5/04 at Malaysia Kopitam on M Street between 18th and 19th. He discoursed with his companion on American foreign policy and the current role of the neocons. And, he seemed to have known what to order based on the recent Washingtonian note naming the restaurant one of Washington's 100 Very Best.

On 4:35 [1/26] United flight from Dulles to LAX, I saw Democrat Congressmembers Xavier Becerra and Lucille Roybal Allard sitting across the aisle from each other in an exit row. The young man sitting next to Becerra (in a t-shirt) was chastized by a flight attendant for trying to use the restroom at the front of the plane, as under FAA guidelines, passengers must use the loo in their own cabin. Roybal-Allard, whose district includes the University of Southern California seemed nonplussed by the 100-or-so Trojan fans on the flight returning from the Orange Bowl in Miami.

At the (great, packed) David Margolick talk on "Strange Fruit" last night [1/6] (16th St JCC), Julian Bond was sitting right behind me! He looked dapper, was rocking that snowy-white Julius Caesar do. He slipped away right after the talk, before I could yammer my gratitude for his life's work. Or tell him I liked him in "Ray." Or ask what really happened with Kweisi!

The crazy-man hair. The voice like a bayonet. Yep, it was Chris Matthews making himself known at the J. Crew on Wisconsin Avenue on Saturday January 8th. He was quite personable and very friendly/joke-y with everyone. That is until Zell showed up and slapped him across the face with a pair of whale-embroidered cords. Then it was on.

I saw Chris and Kathleen Matthews at the 7:10 showing of "Million Dollar Baby" in Georgetown (Loews) on Friday. Didn't get the post movie urinal glance to see if there was HardBall.

I saw Paul Wolfowitz with his teenage daughter at the Chipotle in Friendship Heights yesterday [1/10]at 9:30 p.m.  At first I was surprised because I figured he would be at home watching "Hannity & Colmes".  I could be mistaken, but I think his sauce of choice was the blood of dead Arabs.  His daughter looked like a typical moody teenager.  Of course, it really must suck having to be dragged around Montgomery County with Doctor Evil.  That cannot be good for a young girl's street credibility with the Montgomery County youth. 

James Carville at noon 1/10 talking on his cell phone walking up 18th St NW. Bought a USA Today from the newsbox on the corner of 18th and M. Marginally less freaky looking in person.

just [1/12] saw julia stiles walking down the street in adams morgan talking on her cell phone.

  Just [1/17] saw George Will, outside Haagen-Daaz in Georgetown, shaking hands with a portly young republican.  Will was looking quite ruddy on account of the fucking FRIGID wind.

saw Alberto Gonzales walking out of one of those LOC buildings near the Capitol on January 10 around 2pm. Was he checking out forbidden books? An official-looking black car with lots of antennas poking out picked him up; he was accompanied by nondescript middle-aged white guy and semi good-looking dark-haired woman. Al is about as short as he seems on TV. He walked by close enough for me to speak to him, I had the fleeting thought of saying "Hey, Mr. Gonzales, those confirmation hearings must be torture!" But he got into the car and zoomed away, opportunity lost. bummer. 

Spotted Tim Russert is Georgetown yesterday. He was taking in the 4:10 showing of Million Dollar Baby starring a scrappy Hilary Swank and sageliscious Morgan Freeman.

[1/17] Howard Dean at Local 16 schmoozing former staffers - and kindly noting that if anyone is job hunting and needs a reference to call his office. Of course, I was thinking... Gov, there are quite a few that I wouldn't recommend if I were you and wanted to win next time.

My wife just [1/19] called me from the first-class car on the 4:15 Acela express southbound from New York. Sitting in the car with her are Joe Lieberman, Vernon Jordan, and Mr. Al Roker. They're not sitting together. No word yet on whether Lieberman's joementum will have any impact (positive or negative) on the speed of the train.

Kelly the Apprentice was fending off drunk girls at the Ohio Inaugural Gala at the Air and Space Museum. Interestingly enough, he was in a group of 4 or 5 guys...always thought he was a little too pretty...

At rudy's party in the hotel washington saw kerik. Also Frank luntz [and] julianna glover.

Famous bad cop Bernie Kerik was sighted leaving the inaguration parade

route, going up 14th street on foot, accompanied by a pretty young thing in a floor length fur coat. Protesters spotted him and began

inexplicably shouting 'sieg heil,' accompanied by nazi-type salutes, wherein he scurried into the Crowne Plaza hotel.

Sec Albright at the Loews Georgetown watching the 7pm showing of Million Dollar Baby


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