This week has been a good one for celebrity-obsessed Washingtonians. A handful of "famous-for-famous" people, and a slew of "famous-for-DC" people, showed up at the CongressionalCorrespondentsdinner on Wednesday night. And, of course, let's not forget the camelsighting on Monday. (As for Butterstick, sufferers of panda withdrawal syndrome should check out this site or this one.)

After the jump, still more celebrity sightings. You've been doing a nice job of keeping us well-supplied; keep 'em coming! (If you remember to do so, please include the word "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject of your message, so we can separate your message from the never-ending stream of offers for Cialis, OEM software, and mortgage refinancing.)

* Dave Chappelle at Left Bank in Adams Morgan on Saturday (2/4). They said he was super cool to everyone there and hung out for a few hours.

* dave chappelle was at Left Bank on Saturday night around 11pm. I saw him with four other people. he sat in the back VIP room behind the glass. he left with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

* Oceanaire was a celeb-sighting haven today [Monday, 2/6] at lunch. At about 12:30, Leann Rimes and her husband, Dean Shremet, were spotted eating in a booth. We first noticed them because we heard her on the phone, and our table got into a heated debate over call etiquette in restaurants. Ironically, we had agreed that only a celebrity would commit such an offense when someone said "Hey, that's Leann Rimes. Didn't she get married at, like, 17?" We debated asking her to sing Happy Birthday to someone in our party, but couldn't muster the enthusiasm to ask. Hmmm.

* Shortly after LeAnn and the too-metro hubby departed (although he looked MUCH straighter in person), Steve Francis caused a stir when he and a huge posse rolled in for lunch (at which point every male head in the place swiveled towards them in fascination and every woman could be heard whispering, "Who's that? Is he famous?"). They were quite amicable, joking with the waiters and debating the specials, looking as unconcerned about being noticed as Leann seemed bothered by it. In hindsight, it was depressing that none of us had heard from Rimes since she got married, except for her InStyle Wedding special. I'm sure the Grammy awards look shiny on the mantle, nonetheless.

* Sat by Sandy "Stuff Your Socks" Berger last night on the US Airways shuttle from Boston to Washington. He was harumphed to say the least. Looked peeved to stand so I could get to my window seat, refused to put his tray up on descent into the city (former National Security Advisors don't take directions from flight attendants!), and spent the entire time furiously

filling out "Things To Do" lists.

* Washington Post scribe Dana Milbank, slope shouldered, haggard and bug-eyed, walking throught the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at the Omni Shoreham and overhead saying to a colleague, "This is an impeachment convention!" He was stopping by all the anti-immigration, anti-war, anti-snooping exhibit booths.

* Randall from the Apprentice was hanging out at a NJ party at the Marriot in Woodley Park. Atlantic City had a reception and he was mingling in the crowd, complete with a 'body-guy' (to put it in DC terms). All smiles and working the room somewhat quickly. Lots of big-time NJ politicians to get to know. Not a famous-for-DC celeb, but a celeb (of sorts) nonetheless. I was excited. Wish I would have had the chance to hear his explanation to completely bitch-slapping Rebecca on the final show...

* This may be one of the lamest sightings ever, but Joe Wilson made his presence known at Kotobuki on McArthur Blvd. last Saturday. In tow were two individuals: a young man that would most likely be comfortable at Saint Ex and a lovely young, blonde futurespy who was 8-9ish. Of note, Wilson is a very large man and that mane of silver hair is, unfortunately, somewhat thinning when not in photoshoot form. Mr. Wilson motioned to one of the sushi guys behind the sushi bar and stated that "he had never been to the restaurant but heard that the Washington Post said it was the best hidden sushi gem in dc." Dunno if that got him any extra special service as sushi guy said "thanks" and went back to his business.

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