This week's collection of celebrity sightings is a little disappointing; we've seen better around here. Are you all too busy enjoying college basketball, warm weather, and cherry blossoms, leaving you without time to keep your editors informed of the comings and goings of famous people? Please don't forget to email us with your sightings, with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line (as well as the name of the spotted celeb).

After the jump: Patti LaBelle, in a purple fur; John King and Gheorghe Muresan, participating in the March Madness; and a bunch of senators on planes.

* I saw the Prince of Darkness on Tuesday evening [3/21], sitting in a window seat of Andale Restaurant (7th & D Streets, NW). He was sitting with a woman about the same age as he (his wife?). They were saying absolutely nothing to each other...just eating quietly.

* as i was coming out of LA Sports Club, Singer/Actress Patti LaBelle is in town. She looked swank in her purple fur. At least five cameras took her photo.

* Newsmen Jim Lehrer, Clarence Page and Gordon Peterson all sat in the audience at a talk Friday (3/24) evening by husband-wife authors Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation on the Hill (2nd and East Capitol). Lehrer's wife, novelist Kate, gave the intro at the event.

* Former Interior Deparment press secretary / former FEMA spokesperson / former GOP spokesperson for Philadelphia 04 / former GOP Senate candidate Doug Forrester communications director Mark Pfeifle was spotted at The Cult show at the 9:30 Club on Friday, 3/24. He was really rockin out. (PS all those formers, is that like the ex-ex-gay thing?)

* I've lived in the DC area for almost two-years, but felt that my experience was somehow incomplete since I had yet to make a George Stephanopoulos sighting. That all changed on Saturday (3/25) when I saw he and his wife (with adorable kid in tow) at 2 Amys (an early dinner, so as to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Sunday, no doubt). After all I'd heard (from you and your dear readers) about his size, I was shocked, shocked at how tall the man was.

* I don't know if he even counts as "famous for DC," but CNN's John King was sitting a few rows in front of me (in Section 121) at the MCI/Verizon Center on Sunday (3/26) for the GMU/UConn game. He was with another guy and a kid who had a Georgetown sweatshirt on. This made me happy - Georgetown's my team too. Anyway, he's a very serious looking guy - he was one of only a handful of people in the MCI/Verizon Center who wasn't giddy with excitement over GMU's improbable victory. I bet he's a UConn fan. (Also, I saw Gheorghe Muresan at the game on Friday night (3/24). It was a lot more exciting than seeing John King.)

* John Cornyn was on my flight from Dallas to Reagan last night (3/26). I think he was in first class but I'm not sure since I was stuck in the back of coach. Unfortunately nothing too exciting to report.

* John Kerry, traveling alone, on the 6:30 p.m. Delta Shuttle from Reagan to LaGuardia, Tuesday, March 28. He took a window seat near the middle of the plane, which was about three-fourths full. I didn't see anyone talk to him, nor him to anyone. They served a lame turkey wrap with a couple bites of cantaloupe and

melon, plus a Fun Size Almond Joy. Nothing on his prohibited list, but not preferred either.

* Wednesday, March 29th -- 6 pm-ish: Charles Krauthammer on the corner of 19th and Jefferson NW -- I assume he was coming out of The Palm -- he left me absolutely no room on the sidewalk to get by him, but since he's in a wheelchair I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt rather than just assuming he's just another cantankerous, rude conservative.

* Wednesday, 3/29: Dick Gephardt and Bob Kerrey on the 6:30 pm Delta Shuttle, LaGuardia to Reagan. Gephardt was slumped in a chair against the wall in the terminal, reading some files, when, as the line inched forward during boarding, Kerrey walked by and spotted him. Gephardt bounded up, and the two failed Democratic presidential candidates chatted amiably for a minute before Dick trudged to the end of the line. They didn't sit anywhere near each other on the plane.

* So I am on the metro on the way home from the bar on monday night (because of course i was at a bar on a monday night) and who do I see sitting across from me on the train other than the illustrious Jeff Gannon. I noticed him at first because he was cruising me like crazy.... that creepy old guy kinda cruising. I looked back long enough to make sure it was him (and it was) and then moved to the other end of the car. He continued staring at me until he got off at Eastern Market. I was shocked to see him... I never thought he would come down and ride the metro with all of us "little people."

* John Kerry at the Hawk & Dove last night [3/30] - made a 15 minute appearance upstairs (some kinda staffer party?)

* Saw Leeann Tweeden of Fox Sports Network's "Best Damn Sports Show Period" and Playboy fame; James Avery, who played Will Smith's rich uncle on "Fresh Prince"; and Brian Littrell, the born-again The Backstreet Boys in the Hart Senate Office Building on 3/30 - apparently they all do performances for the USO or something.


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