Wonk'd: Multiple Sightings Edition

Sightings of politicians, cable television screamers, the Bush twins and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Gillespie, Lieberman (3x), Hubbell, Woodruff, Cutler (2x), Bush twins (2x), Wallace, Iverson, Hume, Williams, Matthews (2x), Shields, Dodd, Albright (2x), Ruck, Engell, Ford, the Jacksons (the political ones).

UPDATE: We'd like to make the disclaimer a little more obvious than usual this week. Not only are "sightings sent in by readers," but we make no claims as to their accuracy. For instance: Lieberman eating a burger? A reader reminds us that it's unlikely that burger is kosher. Maybe a veggie burger or something. Also: We hear Chris Matthews loved "Anchorman."

RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie was spotted in Seattle last Wednesday [6/30]. I was in line for the President Clinton book signing - Ed was checking out the crowd. He stood out due to this DEMOCRAT event and also due to choice hin clothes - his lime green polo shirt, white pants and white shoes.

I saw Hadassah Lieberman (is she even famous for DC?) in the way-too-skimpy bathing suit section at H&M in Georgetown on Thursday [7/1]. She was with a teenage girl who, presumably, will be wearing the way-too-skimpy suit. Debated sending this one in because a) Hadassah sightings are not so thrilling, and b) it meant admitting that I shop there too. [Oh, sweetie, H&M is like crack. You have to admit you are powerless over it before you can stop. . . -- Ed.]

I saw Web Hubbell at the Glover Whole Foods on Saturday [7/3]. At first I wasn't sure it was him because I thought he was in jail, but there's no mistaking those lips. He was with a woman who appeared to be his wife. Then, that same evening, I saw Chris and Kathleen Matthews at the Gtown theaters -- 6:40 showing of F 9-11. They sat a few rows behind us. My friend and I tried to walk out around them so we could hear their take, but it was too crowded.

[7/6] Passed Judy Woodruff driving up Mass Ave, then turning onto 35th Street in Cleveland Park, in a gold Mercedes. Saw Washingtonienne herself in the Soviet Safeway a.k.a. Gayway on 17th Street last week at about 9:30 on a weekday morning.

Who hasn't seen Jessica Cutler (Washingtonienne) around DC? Nevertheless, I feel the need to share my sighting. My coworker and I were enjoying a mid morning [7/7] cigarette outside our office on H and 7th when we see Cutler walk by and into the Chinese herb/import store on 7th. So, of course, we follow her in. I think she noticed we were there while she was looking at plates. My question is, if she just signed a huge book deal, couldn't she afford Pottery Barn?

The Bush twins were spotted at the Cosi in Courthouse yesterday [7/6]– must be working at the BC’04 headquarters across the street.

Chris Wallace, going down elevator at Fox News offices, offers to teach intern how to knot a bow tie [7/7].

Saw Joe Lieberman and Hadassah at The Tombs in Georgetown last night [7/7]. He had 2 beers and a burger. She had red wine and a salad.

Philly 76er badboy Allan Iverson has been playing basketball at The Sports Club/LA on 22nd and M for the past two days. Yesterday [7/8] around lunchtime, the court was guarded by 6 VERY big gentlemen, while he played with personal friends. Today (right now, actually) he’s playing pick-up with a few members. Lucky ducks. The staff said he’s been extremely friendly and that the members on the court aren’t playing too badly against him! (He probably has more skills than George Clooney, but the women aren’t ogling as obviously this time.)

The tall (and eerily looking) Brit Hume was spotted outside Georgetown’s Paolos Restaurant last Thursday [7/8] night by this intrepid diner. In fact we almost bumped into each other as I dragged on my cigarette waiting outside to be seated. Hume was wearing one of those old 1980’s knit ties in a rich patriotic display of red and blue. Tan suit. Tan body. Looked me right in the eyes and I could smell the fear….

“Wouldn’t-want-to-pull-a-hammy” DC Mayor Anthony Williams on the Capital Crescent Trail in Gtown. [7/9] Stretching before doing something like running, I guess, as he was wearing tiny white shorts, a t-shirt, and was stretching. I said good morning. He didn’t reply. But his body guards did.

Chris Matthews this past Friday night [7/9] watching Anchorman with 2 teenagers (sons???). It was the 10:30 showing at the Mazza Galleria... He looked bored.

my friend that lives in d.c. was at mcfaddens on saturday night [7/10] and jenna & barbara bush were in attendance! my friend was wearing a 'vote for kerry' pin and i guess she got dozens of dirty looks and a catty comment about her pin. she said it was a haven for yuppie young republicans.

I spotted Mark Shields near 14th and G this morning [7/12]. He was wearing the classic Washingtonian combination of khakis, a blue blazer, and a red tie. There was also a shirt.

I saw Sen Chris Dodd at the train station (Penn Station) in New York City on July 12. Around 3pm. Unlike my last sighting of him, at the Reagan National Airport a couple of months ago, he did not look confused and seemed to know exactly where he was going. Of course he had an aide with him who probably showed him the way! All that's left for me is to see Dodd in some sort of automobile and my life will be complete.

Saw Madeleine Albright at DC Coast over lunch just now [7/15] . . . looking great and she was wearing a nice lavender suit and one of her signature pins (today's choice: silver butterfly).

I was lunching [7/15] with a co-worker at DC Coast and who did we notice at the table next to us, but Madeline Albright with two lady friends. She was wearing a charming navy blue unconstructed ensemble with matching blue reading glasses and leaned in excitedly while her friend opened a small gift (jewelry, perhaps) she proffered.

I spotted Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Spin City, and now The Producers) in the House Member's Dining Room in the Capitol today [7/15] at about 12:30. He was eating with a group of people that I didn't recognize and Rep. Eliot Engle (D-NY). He was casually dressed and oft interrupted by Congressmen who recognized him.

About a half-hour ago (6:45ish) [7/15], I saw Harold Ford Jr. walking down M St. in Gtown. He walked right past me and it looked like he still had make-up on from TV. After he passed, I turned to see where he was going and I noticed he gave the homeless guy in front of Mie n Yu a dollar. (I'm guessing it was a buck, but it was definitely paper money.) I must admit -- I was slightly impressed. I met him about 3 years ago and had dinner with him (in a group) and I thought he was kind of arrogant and "on" like politicians get -- he didn't drink. So I've always had a slight grudge against him -- even though he has no clue who I am. He is kinda hot though. He looked very serious too.

Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sr. were chilling at National Airport Friday night [7/16] after their flight to Chicago was delayed due to weather in the homeland. Jr., was chilling in a white, v-neck undershirt as he caught up on calls, before joining his father for dinner at the Sam Adams pub.


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