Wonk'd: Not Enough Hot Male Journalists in D.C. Edition (Could CNN Please Fly Some Up?)

Sightings of political figures, media types, and Matt Yglesias are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Rehnquist, Rove, Russert, Hubbell, Yglesias, Shuster.

William Rehnquist at Rosslyn Holiday Inn [3/28]. No foolin.' I was in town with a friend for a bachelor party ($140/night) We were pretty surprised when we saw him entering an elevator at the decidedly non-swanky digs on Lee Highway, hard by the Key Bridge. The Supreme Leader was in casual weekend khaki (no gold armbands visible), and was with a male companion of roughly similar age. Seems to make sense, because I'd heard something about a "Supreme Court" pow-wow in the District over the weekend.

[Logan Circle party, 3/27] at one point, i heard matt yglesias proclaim unironically, a la the comic book shop guy from the simpsons, "best. party. ever."

wonk'd [3/27]: Hardball correspondent David Shuster driving his convertible Saab with top down heading west on K St.

3/27/04 - Saturday, 1 p.m. - Tenleytown Whole Foods. Tim Russert at the olive buffet at the Tenleytown Whole Foods/Fresh Fields. Loading up a quart container with large stuffed olives, and eating his way through the container as he shops and stands in line! (He must have gotten down about 20 olives without paying...) Getting props from his fans while chatting away with a fellow customer regarding the taste and texture of pummelos. (He bought two pummelos...)

Friday night my friend and I were in the Atlanta airport waiting for our connection back to DC when Karl Rove and family walked up, sat down and started to eat a nice plate of fried chicken. Oddly enough, no one else in the waiting area seemed to notice "boy genus." I'm sad to say that the Rove family, dad included, waited in line like the rest of us to board the plane and set in coach. However, it was obvious Rove pulled some strings because he got an exit row seat!! Those bastard republican's think they're too good to sit in normal coach like the... wait, I was sitting in the exit row right in front of him. Oh well.

3.26 Webb Hubbell (MAN that head is BIG) lunching with Ellen Ratner at the window table at Sam & Harry's


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