Wonk'd: Old People Rock!

ยท It's not just rock stars who have groupies: Former Senator Bob Dole crashed the St. Regis' bar last Friday for an early-hours (7PM) drink (probably to get him warmed up before going off to Dream). According to our tipster, he was "escorted by a small entourage," and no Liddy in sight! Unfortunately, the groupies also "looked near dead," prompting our tipster -- perhaps uncharitably -- to wonder if he "must be off the little blue pill?"

People, please. We may have to put a ban on sightings of people over 80. (Unless it's Justice Stevens -- meeeeow!) We're not asking for non-stop Ryan Adams sights (like that bitch Gawker). We would settle for Leon Wieseltier eating a hot dog. We would love Leon eating a hot dog.

Bob Dole [Wikipedia]

DC Dream [WelcometoDream.com]


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