Wonk'd: OMG! Owen Wilson! Owen Wilson! Owen Wilson! Edition

Sightings of Owen Wilson and, what the hell, VRWC leaders and other famous-for-D.C. types, are sent in by readers. Send yours to . And, really, who hasn't seen Owen Wilson yet?

Yesterday [5/4] as I am walking north on Thomas Jefferson toward M, I nearly collide with Owen Wilson jogging on the C&O tow path. Blue t-shirt, blue shorts, floppy blonde hair and that nose. In tow was a cute bulldog-like dog who seemed intent on peeing every 50 feet or so. Owen appeared to be in a very good mood.

Georgetown [5/5/04] Owen Wilson walking up M. Street swinging an empty plastic water bottle looking for good places to eat dinner.

vince vaughn and owen wilson, shooting a film called "The Wedding Crasher" - right now [5/4], on 23rd street between Q and P. apparently the story line is that one of them will fall in love with the secretary of the treasury's daughter and stop their wedding crashing/playboy ways. sounds fresh.

Wednesday, May 5, sometime in the early afternoon: Suspiciously tanned Brit, former Newt Gingrich major domo, and current Wash Times/i op-ed page mullah Tony "McLaughlin Group" Blankley chatting animatedly with increasingly short, fat, and irrelevant political observer E.J. Dionne and a third, distinguished-looking gentleman (Strobe Talbott?) outside Brookings Institution, doubtless planning the ouster of George Huff from American Idol. Or U.S. ratification of the a law of the sea.

Owen Wilson has been spotted in Georgetown at 29th and Olive, and 31st and "P". He's been filming his new movie "The Wedding Crasher" with Vince Vaughn here in the District the past two days [You don't say. - Ed.]. Shooting continues today. The trucks are parked all over the street and cones are blocking other remaining spaces in front of the houses being filmed.

Saw Washington Post sports columnist Michael Wilbon last night (5/5) having a drink at Zaytinya's bar (wearing the same black shirt and gray coat he wore that day on PTI).  Spent his time talking to a young (late 20's) woman.  After about 20 minutes he left.  Five minutes later she was talking to another middle aged, bald (although Wilbon claims he is "shaven") black gentleman.  In short, if you are a bald middle age black man looking for some attention, apparently the bar at Zaytinya is the place to be.


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