Wonk'd: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other Edition

Sightings of political figures, media types, and dark princes are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Lieberman, Novak, Kiper, McClellan, Cooper, Cary, Koppel and (who else?) Stephanopoulos.

I saw Joe Lieberman getting out of his car in front of CBS (M & 20th st) this morning [4/26] around 7:00 am. He smiled and said good morning.

On Thurs, April 22 I saw Bob Novak, the 'Prince of Darkness' walking near the National Press Club. He was wearing a three piece suit and had a dour look on his face. Actually he always has a dour look on his face.

mel kiper junior and his hair at BWI, tues. 4/27. He was flying airtran.

Ted Koppel crossing Connecticut at Rhode Island. He had what I believe constitutes a smile for Mr. Koppel (the ever so-slightly curled ends of the mouth); probably the result of the controversy over his as-yet-unbroadcast "The Fallen" (I think that's what they're calling it). Nightline has not been talked about as much since the Letterman fiasco.

Seen -- Drew Carey (in town for the WHCD, I assume, from reading your site), his brainy and attractive galpal, pundit Jim Pinkerton, and blogger Kelly Jane Torrance, all having dinner at the Four Seasons on Thursday night [4/29]. Drew seemed to be enjoying the scallops. The rest of the table seemed to be enjoying his normal-guy-in-Hollywood stories.

Saturday [5/1] on the 12:30 shuttle from La Guardia to DCA. . . Anderson Cooper, looking anorexic, clad in a holey green shirt and green ball cap, making it onto the plane, and finding only middle seats, scoots to the back half of the plane, somehow managing to find the open seat next to a cute young teenaged boy.

I saw Scott McClellan on Connecticut Ave. en route to the WHCD [5/1] in his white Chevy pick-up (even had those metal bars tough guys mount in front of the grill). He looked pissed, though not as much as the women riding shotgun.

Saw George Stephanopoulos in a park on R street in Georgetown [5/2], pushing a stroller and walking two trophy dogs. Upon close inspection, the dogs appeared to be those favorites of the dainty blue-state elite, a dachshund and, yes, a corgi. Bred for comical tininess, the poor beasts were sorely frightened by an enormous St. Bernard.


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