Wonk'd: Only the Bush Twins aren't in Boston Edition

It seems that with the Democrats in town the only people "famous for Washington" left in town are either Republicans or their spawn. In this edition of Wonk'd, after the jump, are your sightings of political animals from both Boston and Washington, including The Bush Twins, Joe and Hadassah, GEORGE!, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, Eric Alterman and the, um, livelier half of the Bush Twins.

Sightings are submitted by readers so, to tell us about your "famous-for-Washington" sightings by emailing tips@wonkette.com.

&bull I spotted Senator Lieberman and Hassadah (with hulking bodyguard) walking up Wisconsin at 12:30 on Friday. They were returning from synagogue and looked extremely happy laughing and joking with each other. Hassadah, in paricular, looked stylish but penitent, carrying a hat that gentiles might wear for Easter Sunday.

&bull The Bush twins both were in fine form on Saturday night. They partied at Smith Point again, which seems to have become their watering hole. Their entourage quickly crossed the velvet ropes. Apparently the regular bouncers are quickly learning to let them in. One new incompetant bouncer didn't recognize regulars by their preferred shade of Lacoste and was forced to frequently consult 'the list' to verify identities. Obviously people were upset that he didn't know who they were and the line got rather feisty at some points. The Twins did have to pay cover (humiliating), but were gracious and understanding. They also behaved themselves well once they were inside. (no table dancing, shots, or random snogging) Dissapointing as a voyeur, but encouraging that they're not alcoholics. Barb, especially, looked like she had just stepped from a Vogue shoot.

&bull I SAW GEORGE (Stephanopolous, we presume -ed.) IN BOSTON FIRST!! ...It was Sunday night before he went to the Red Sox game. His car pulled over next to the 7-11 (blocking traffic, I might add) on Tremont St. right next to the Commons. Our little game-pawn jumped out of the car like a puma and went running in to do God knows what. I didn't see what he bought, I was busy heading for the red line.

&bull I saw Joe Scarborough... on Tremont St. He was walking by himself. Singing himself a little song, no doubt on the way to the MSNBC/Hardball set to go hear Chris yell at him.

&bull Just saw eric alterman in the press gallery at the fleet center. apparently someone had taken his seat reserved for the nation. he was pouting and sulking around and making his troubles well known. he was standing over his seat for a long time looking at the ibook and other notes someone had left there, all the while blocking the view of a delegate in a wheelchair seated behind him. the man asked him and the people standing with him to move, but alterman just ignored the guy and continued to stand there doing nothing. he wandered off and wandered back a few times and eventually ended up in the aisle. he offered up his red floor pass, but there were no takers. he ended up leaving before bill clinton even spoke.

&bull Some friends and I were eating last night at Cafe Tirolo in Ballston when Jenna Bush came in with an entourage of four fraternity brothers and two sloppily dressed sorority sisters. After one of the guys went back to the register to get two more bottles of wine for the table, we overheard Jenna loudly telling a story about how she was having dinner with Justin Timberlake, and when someone came up to speak to him, she said "and I'm Jenna Bush," and they replied "yea, right." She must have been pretty stung by it, she mentioned it a couple of times. She looks much more vivacious in person than in pictures, and I was surprised that there was no Secret Service lurking in the bushes, but I guess one of the dudes she was with could have beaten off an attacker with his spare copy of the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog.


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