Wonk'd: Only, Well, Mostly, in New York Edition

A special edition of Wonk'd includes famous-for-D.C. types spotted in NYC. Sightings are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Rove, Bush twins, Trippi, Jackson, Thompson, Malkin, Andre 3000, Spiegelman, Avedon, Franken.

Last Wednesday [8/25] I was in the same row on a flight from DCA to Dallas with Karl Rove.  Yes, he was flying coach, albeit an aisle seat.  I did examine him enough to notice they he uses some type of hair product that makes what's left of his hair "poofy."  Its poofed up in a way the guys from Queer Eye probably wouldn't approve of. Anyway, ole Karl was reading a newish looking hardcover book with the word "people" at teh top (I couldn't catch the rest of the title).  He wasn't working at all.  After checking his Blackberry, he immediately got off the plane and looked like he was heading to another flight (perhaps to nearby Waco to visit G.W. in Crawford).

The bushy twins tried to charter a boat (The Ventura, docked at the North Cove Marina) for Saturday. The captain (Patrick Harris) and crew were dealing with the Service, and NYPD cops for hours regarding security and such. Then the twins wanted a steep discount on the costs so the Captain told them pretty much to go to hell.

While stalking - in a totally harmless way - Keith Olbermann at the MSNBC broadcast tent I ended up talking to Joe Trippi twice - for a total of like 20 minutes.  He gave me some insights on what he thinks the Kerry campaign should do, which was a thrill, and when he said he was going to a movie later I suggested he should find an Air America party or something.  He found one, told me to come, and finally showed up there after I'd been there like an hour.  He remembered my name which I thought was cool.  The blogger I was talking to when he left seemed put out by the fact that Joe didn't ask for my number, but I'm fairly sure that there is a Mrs. Trippi so no harm no foul on my end.  He's really nice and let some protestors take pictures with him.  He didn't seem totally comfortable when I told him he was a hero to millions of young people, or when I went off on a tirade about the lack of liberal spinmeisters on the cable news channels for the RNC, but overall, he's very cool.

So, don't know if this rises to the level of an item for either of your sites (both of which are awesome, by the way, props), but it's a celebrity sighting at an RNC protest, so I figure it's of interest to wanna-be pols and starfuckers alike. A few friends and I were at the "Shut-Up-a-Thon" protest outside Fox News headquarters in midtown Manhattan late this afternoon, shouting outraged slogans at "America's Newsroom" while Bill O'Reilly taped inside, and who did we see sidling in among the thousand or so scruffy lefties? None other than Joshua Jackson, aka Pacey from "Dawson's Creek." He was sporting an appropriately casual beard and some sort of bandage on his left arm; at first he just walked through the crowd taking it all in, then, much to our delight, he returned to stand and yelled "SHUT UP!" at the building with us all. After a few minutes he met up with a friend, and the two guys dashed off. Guess Joshua's experience with "The Skulls" turned him off to real-life skullsman Dubya, huh? (But, um, not to Kerry.)

karen hughes inside Madison Square Garden getting scolded by security for not wearing her credentials.   she had an aide who was with her carry them for her.

We saw former Illinois governor and 9/11 commissioner Jim Thompson dining out last night during the convention. He was one of a party of 14 having dinner at the swanky Biltmore Room in Chelsea. We thought it was sweet that Big Jim let his driver/manservant sit next to him.

michelle malkin at lauriol plaza last night, sitting with some dude outside (presumably her husband -- she's married, right?) black hair had some slight highlights, perhaps she's spent some time sunning in former internment camps.

seen at billionaires for bush party: andre 3000 (with camera crew and security), seen at million billionaire march: art spiegelman, richard avedon. the fake republicans get much better celebrities....

Got on the subway last night after another grueling night of the RNC, and was right next to Al Franken and two friends/handlers.  This guy comes over and says, Did you do Stuart Smalley's Daily Affirmations on SNL, I'm such a big fan.  Al admits to it, and the guy then asks what he's up to now, to which Al replies, oh, I'm doing radio, and the guy goes on about how great SNL was.  Exit the fan at the next stop, and Al turns to his pals and said, what a moron.  


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