Wonk'd: Party of One

stephanopoulos012706.jpgNot enough sightings to make up a Wonk'd post today but a reader writes:

Hey so, saw Georgie S. (tephenopolous) this morning in the 2200 block of Wisconsin Ave. Not too noteworthy as he is always around. However, what did strike me was that he entered the Washington Sports Club in normal street clothes (black pants a metrosexualesque bright purple shirt and black overcoat) and 5 minutes later came out of the club in running gear (shorts, sneakers and tshirt) with his overcoat and began walking down (towards georgetown) Wisconsin.

Also, I used to see him at sports club LA and now he's at WSC? Did something happen? Did he have a pay cut? Or does he just have memerships at every gym in the city so he can pop in for his quick-change at any moment?

As I recall, then-Boy George was a regular at the Dupont WSC on Connecticut Ave. in the mid-90's, so your theory might have merit. Reminds me of my favorite Dupont WSC story: a friend (an attractive young woman) once tried to pick up a hot guy there; but no-go, he already had a girlfriend. But they had a nice chat anyway. Before she left, he asked her, "How did you know I wasn't gay?" She pointed down, said "your socks don't match!" and walked off triumphantly. -- AMBITIOUS HECKLER


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