August in DC has that ghost town feel, everyone's gone - except the people wishing they were, and Senator Ron Wyden, who's a little confused about where he should be on what days. Also, Dick Cheney, since he's a robot, doesn't need vacation and instead just continues to consume information. The Bush family, however, knows that when you take time off you really want to be able to relax - so Barbara Bush makes sure to travel with someone who'll take care of Millie's little messes on the beach.

From now until Labor Day the tourist hordes will descend on DC and the ratio of tour-mobilers to "actual Washington people" will swell to 3 to 1. The famous-for-DC are still out there though, you just have to see past the fanny packs and sneakers so white you can't look directly at them. If you can master that, email us with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line along with the name of the poorly hidden bold facer. For braving the swarms, we salute you.

  • Last Friday evening (7/28) I saw Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon at Union Station. Somewhat strange was the fact that he was just arriving in Washington from out of town, rather than leaving Washington for the weekend. But even stranger was the suitcase he was dragging behind him: a brown wheelie bag with large, light blue polka dot print. It was disturbing to say the least. UPDATE:Senator Wyden's office clarifies: The gentleman from Oregon wasn't lost, he was waiting for his wife. Also, carrying her bag. Flack reports: "Chivalry is alive and well in our nation's capital."

  • I saw The New Republic's Peter Beinart at Connecticut

    and Q, just north of Dupont Circle, at about 7:15 Sunday night [7/30]. He was wearing a sport coat, and looked vaguely pensive about something. Also: a weirdly irritating voice.

  • Saw "big time" Dick Cheney at the Borders on 18th & L [7/28]. He was browsing non-fiction new releases in the front of the store. Looked about as white as a sheet of paper, and everyone pretty much ignored him. Was going to ask what was on his summer reading list but didn't feel like being frisked by one of the 30 SS agents in the store. There were several snickers and comments about how it had to be him there looking at books, because you wouldn't ever see "W" at a bookstore. Cheney ignored those comments, and was there for at least 20 min.

  • I saw Megyn Kendall of Fox News on Friday night [7/28] at Cafe Milano. She was wearing a tight white strapless summer dress and looked gorgeous. She also is sporting platinum blonde hair now. She sat in the corner seat at the bar on the left as you walk into the bar area. She was with another blond friend. She ate pizza. I approached her and we spoke for about 5 minutes and she was very kind, friendly and conversational.

  • Saw Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby in a convertible BMW (top down - Virginia plates) with an unidentified man, on Massachusetts Avenue by the Hill at 6-ish this past Tuesday [7/25]. Scooter was driving and was wearing a red Nationals baseball cap, so can only assume he and his companion were headed to RFK to see the team play San Fran.

  • I'm in southern Maine visiting family, and for the past few mornings [8/1] I have seen Barbara Bush at the beach with spaniels, assistant, and secret service in tow. Friendly with the locals and tourists, although she was not pleased when one of my dogs got bossy with Millie's spawn. Need another reason to apply for the job as Barbara's assistant when it comes open? An opportunity to carry the bag of dog poop at 6:45 in the morning!

  • Whilst sweating profusely waiting to cross the intersection of 18th and M Streets on Tuesday [8/1], who should be idling in front of me waiting for the light to change, but none other than morally mighty Gary Bauer at the wheel of a brand spanking new Lexus SUV. I'd say that the God business was doing well, except that he was making a left turn and the co-pilot's seat was empty.

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