Wonk'd: Post-Election Edition

Sightings of Dick Gephardt, joint chiefs of staff, the Bush twins and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Novak, Lockhart, Tucker, Gephardt, Jenna, Warner, Gasteyer, Sullivan, Williams, Myers, Apprentice's Maria, Kissinger, Berger, Matthews, Cooper.

So I saw Bob Novak at the UMD basketball game on Friday night [11/5] - he was sitting courtside.  The interesting thing was when the game ended he got up and had to use a walker out of the arena - is that normal for Novak?

Joe Lockhart: It was at noon at the Social Safeway on Wisconsin Avenue (11/7).  He had a cart full of various sundries and looked like he had not shaven since the loss.  He's a much more imposing figure in person, though with the beard (it's coming in white), he does give off a homless-person kinda vibe.

Around 3:15 [11/10] , a very casually dressed Dick Gephardt, his wife, and daughter Chrissy were spotted around 19th and M St NW getting into a black VW with DC tags. Dick looked great! Tanned, rested and ready.

11/10 Joe Lockhart lunching at Chadwick's on K in Georgetown with a gentleman of undetermined importance (read: I didn't recognize him). Then again, I was drinking (because what's the fun of living in a fundamentalist theocracy if you can't drink at lunch?) so really, he could have been anyone from Whouley to Sosnick to Teresa HK.

Seen in the security line at National, and on the 7:30 [11/11] shuttle to New York, was normally bow-tie clad Tucker Carlson. He needed a haircut and apparently doesn't do the tie that early in the morning. Was he headed to the Big Apple to negotiate a new deal? Perhaps I should have asked.

Dick Gephardt likes Bridget Jones.... Or at least her movies. He was at the Ballston Common theatre Friday night [11/12], at the packed late show of "Briget Jones' Diary II: The Edge of Reason." My friend squealed and proceeded to text everyone she knew to let them know that the former presidential candidate and Majority leader of the House was err, in the House. Yes, we're unalloyed nerds....after the movie was over we spotted him standing next to the men's room chatting with an adoring young man. He looked fairly casual, in jeans, a plaid shirt, and a ski jacket.

I'm guessing that this isn't exactly a unique sighting, but I hung out with Jenna Bush and some mutual friends at Smith Point on Saturday night. Totally cool girl, and she obviously had her highlights done on Saturday, since she was looking a little rootsy when I saw her on Friday night. Good handshake, great shirt, and excellent taste in guys.

Senator John Warner @ Citronelle (the private room) Tuesday [Nov. 16] evening w/ 3 people - 2 men one older and younger (looked like his son?) and older female. Had soup, meat and ice cream

Walked by Tucker Carlson and his wife on 19th St. Thursday night (11/18), presumably just after an evening of fine dining at that DC power-spot, the Palm. He was sans bowtie, and appeared quite exuberant about it. I resisted the urge to congratulate him for revealing Jon Stewart as the smarmy put-down artist he is. Even my girlfriend, who is not so enamored of political punditry, remarked on how attractive he appeared when he isn't shouting red-faced at that weasel Begala.

Ana Gasteyer (Saturday Night Live, does Celine Dion, Martha Stewart, and Christina Aguliera) was home in DC for Thanksgiving and was spotted with a large man and baby at Murky Coffee near Eastern Market this past saturday afternoon [11/28]. Most shop patrons didn't notice her, as she was looking very "hillish" with burgundy leather jacket and closed toed birkenstocks...

Just [11/29] saw Jenna and Barbara at the Starbucks on 18th and H.  Both appeared to be studying(?!) or at least pretending to study. 

I saw journalist/bear Andrew Sullivan at DC gay bar JR's last Monday [11/29]. He came with an entourage of fellow flannel wearing, no shaving, mid-30s gay men. I'm sure he seems nice and all on Chris Matthews, but when he's giving you the hungry eyes from across the bar while singing everyword to ABBA's Dancing Queen, it can be down right disturbing.

DC Mayor Anthony Williams at Maggiano’s in Friendship Heights on Tuesday (11/30) evening, sipping a glass of white wine.  Immediately identifiable by the bowtie, sitting with a woman who may or may not be his wife – she would be far underdressed for a nice dinner with her powerful (and globe-trotting) husband, wearing a simple windbreaker.  Large man in suit with wire in his ear seen sitting in the bakery outside the dining area, chatting with two women about Maggiano’s gift card.  Shouldn’t he be in the same room for possible wait staff assassination of mayor?

Don't know if you're still compiling these, but I saw Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Myers (in blue sweater and jeans) at Bob and Edith'a in Arlington on Sunday morning (12/5) amidst the hangover crowd, alone, sitting at counter, eating pancakes. He was talking on one of those ultra slim cell phone blackberries the whole time.

Saw Maria from the Apprentice 2 last Sunday [12/5] at Tysons 2. Noticed her as I walked by that snooty and always empty store Carol Mitchell. She was selecting some dresses to try on. She' s about 5"8 (with heels), very pretty, thin -- but not stick thin, and looks just like she does on TV. I didn't go talk to her because I don't think she's a celebrity, but my friend went in and asked for her autograph. Maria was really nice about it. She wrote: thanks for watching the show!

Huddled last night (Wednesday, 12/8) from about 9 to 10 p.m. at a table in the Ritz-Carlton (22nd Street) lounge:  Henry Kissinger and Sandy Berger.

Saw Chris Matthews last night [12/10] at the Lincoln Jazz Center Concert at the Lincoln Theater. He had gotten out of a Lincoln and waited outside with the rest of us mortals for the doors to open. He was by himself, and had brought two CDs with him. Trying to get an autograph maybe?

So, coincidentally given your most recent entry, saw Anderson Cooper leaving the ice cream store on 19th near the Dupont Metro at around 5:00 Saturday evening [12/11] with a suspiciously cute guy. I'm just sayin'...


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