Exploiting inter-personal power dynamics to one's advantage is what Washington is all about -- Neil Bush knows it and has mastered the art. And while John Negroponte takes it one day at a time, Mark Warner and John King get bossed around by their kids. These, plus Ken Mehlman on his downward spiral, using Google Earth to find Barbara Bush, and avoiding the notorious Evan Bayh stink-palm, behind the curtain.

Since pretty much all of Congress (and wannabe Congress) is home in their districts fighting to get here or come back here, the next 11 days will have a strange calm before the storm vibe that may lower Wonk'd production. So what the hell -- go ahead and send in a picture of your hilarious politically-themed Halloween costume, or the hilarious politically-themed costumes of neighbors, friends, and drunks. Half of you planned your Mark Foley get-up weeks ago, so we'll indulge you. The rest of the drill is the same: email us with "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and the name of the person or doppelganger you saw. Happy tricking!

  • John Negroponte must have a problem with booze, cause I saw him picking up a 6-pack of O'douls last night [10/25] at the liquor store on Calvert street.

  • I saw Neil Bush on Saturday afternoon [10/21] in Starbucks on 17th and Penn. Two White House cops were drinking coffee on the sofas, when in walks this Waspy looking guy (khaki chinos, white shirt, navy sports coat) with a cute brunette. The brunette has on a White House guest pass, so one of the cops goes off on her, "Why are you wearing that? Who let you out with it? You can't take that off of the grounds of the White House! Whose guest were you?" At that point the Wasp leans over, shakes the cop's hand, and whispers something. The cop says, "Oh, so, um, well, um, I just wanted to make sure that the White House passes were taken care of. Have a nice day, sir."

  • I saw a VERY haggard looking Ken Mehlman Wednesday night, October 25th at the new Johnny's Half Shell on North Capital. He was with a woman who looked like a co-worker, not a cousin, sister or gasp, a girlfriend. The restaurant is in very close proximity to Union Station with it's allegedly saucy men's room.

  • Was on Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda this morning (10/20) at about 8:30 when a bunch of black Suburbans pulled in front of the Hyatt. I said to my Husband "must be someone with a lot of security" and lo and behold out of one of the cars stepped the silver fox herself, Barbara Bush. You cannot mistake that bright white hair and huge pearls for anyone else - they're probably visible from space.

  • Alan Alda (aka Senator Vinick) seen on the canal path in Georgetown yesterday afternoon [10/22].

  • I spotted John King, CNN National Correspondent, at the Potomac Yard Shoppers Food Warehouse last night (10/22), with who I assume were his two kids. He appears more gray in person, and I was honestly surprised to see him at Shoppers. Shouldn't he be at a Whole Foods in McLean or something?

  • Mark Warner was at the Target on Highway 1 in Virginia last night [10/25] around 9:30. He was with his daughter, I think the younger one. He seemed to be in a big hurry but he chose the wrong checkout line and ended up waiting there for a while. He drove off in his [solid] gold Volvo.

  • I happened to be in the men's room the other day with Indiana Senator/Presidential hopeful Evan Bayh. Guess who doesn't wash his hands! Then he shook every hand in the room. Gross!

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