Wonk'd: Pretty Slim Pickings

People, come on! We can't do a celebrity sightings column without your help (since we don't get out much). Please send us sightings of famous people -- yes, we use the term "famous" advisedly, as in "famous for D.C." -- by e-mail.

After the jump, three measly sightings -- of Madeleine Albright, Ted Kennedy, and Judy Woodruff.

* On Wednesday, 1/25, Madeleine Albright drove in behind me at the parking garage on Eye Street in her silver Mercedes, DC plates. The car was nice and so was her space (right in the front, us common folks are instructed to park 3 levels below). What was not so nice was her facial expression. She was still getting her things out of her car even after I had parked three levels down and taken the elevator up, and she

looked extremely cranky. But given how bad traffic on 14th was that day, I don't blame her.

* On Friday, 1/27, at National, saw Sen. Kennedy coming off of the Boston shuttle around 8 p.m. with a young lady who looked like an aide. The man is huge, and was walking with a significant limp -- how old is he? He seemed very friendly, smiling to everyone in the terminal.

* Yesterday I spotted Judy Woodruff stalking around the GW Dining Facility, taking wads of cash out of the ATM. Don't kid us, Judy -- we all know skinny little you isn't using that for a Wendy's combo. It's hard enough for students to get good weed around here as it is, without the likes of you driving up prices. Head over to American and give us a break.

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