Wonk'd: Rove Around Town Edition

Sightings of political figures, media tyes, and short people are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Vast right-wing conspirators.

At lunchtime [March 9], I almost ran a red light on 17th St next to the White House. I didn't notice the light until a pedestrian started to cross the street. It was Karl Rove. He gave me a dirty look.

Ken Starr dining at Old Ebbit Grill [March 10] 10 pm

Newt Gingrich and wife having lunch at Cafe Deluxe in Tysons Corner on Saturday. Sat in a booth, chatted with another couple on the way out (interesting note -- the couple they were chatting with arrived before they did, but were seated after the Gingriches -- ahh, the perks of having once been in power...)

The King of the one-armed banditos, Bill Bennett at The Palm yesterday [March 11] for lunch.

I just [March 12] passed George Stephanopolous on my way to pick up an empanada at lunch. I contemplated putting him in my pocket and taking him back to work with me, but he wisely darted into a Citibank to deposit a check. Oh, and I almost forgot: the empanada was delicious.


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